Extra Lives MOD APK v1.150.64 (Unlimited Health/Unlocked)

Develop unique relationships with 200 other characters spread across 8 warring factions - each with their own beliefs about what the problem is and how to solve it.
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What if you get hit with the zombie apocalypse today? How would you survive? You can experience here such a zombie apocalypse if you so desire. Here you can download the free Extra Lives Mod Apk unlimited health and points with VIP unlocked for Android, iOS, and PC. All pro features are fully unlocked in the modified version, including unlimited characters, money, ammo, health, costumes, and no ads. Get to know famous heroes, battle in many locations, and destroy zombies as you please.

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Moreover, the Extra Lives game has impressive 3D graphics and thrilling locations similar to Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk game. The game will surely make you feel enthralled. Also, you’ll have to survive at all costs to win. The entire game is filled with hilarious and horrifying moments.

What Are Extra Lives APK?

McCdickies is the company behind the game extra lives. The company’s owner is Mdikie, an amazing game developer. On the Play Store, the company has released several adventure games that rank in the top 10. There are also more than 10 million downloads of Extra lives Mdickie’s latest version. So, start interacting with over 200 characters scattered across eight warring factions. All of whom hold different opinions about the problem.

Hundreds of interactive objects will support you through over 50 city corners to restore order. You’ve never experienced combat so satisfying before, thanks to the above-average gameplay system from the Wrestling Revolution series! You can “infinitely” enhance your experience, even though the mobile game is free to play.

Make a hero and save your changes to all of them to create your globe. There is even an option to determine how many zombies you start with to dive in or build slowly. In addition, you can play the unique ‘Deathmatch’ mode and slay zombies without any pressure!

Extra Lives Gameplay And Guide

Something is fascinating about the gameplay. When the player enters the world of zombies, his only goal is to deliver the goods. Due to the target, he will encounter a few mindless zombies and unpitying individuals. He must kill as many zombies and individuals as possible to achieve his goal. Therefore, the player requires Extra Lives Unlimited Health and Ammo to win the game.

Within the game, you can do several things that will help you defeat the zombies and continue their journey. More than 50 distinct locations and 200 characters are featured in the game. Almost every character plays the game differently. Turning the character creates a satisfying outcome.

Depending on how many zombies you want to move with, whether on a level, you can upgrade your character’s skills. Deathmatch is an additional game mode included in the game mode and has excellent graphics similar to a Hard Time adventure game.

Extra Lives Tips And Tricks

Here are some advanced survival tips if you want to last longer.

  • Keeping your battles one-on-one will help you stay alive longer.
  • Make sure you observe the factions of people you interact with closely.
  • Whenever two allies are nearby, it is best to avoid fighting. Since you are their common enemy, they will use their numbers to intimidate you. So stay out of their reach.
  • Sleep is the only way to increase your energy levels and make your attacks more effective.
  • The Store, or a Cafe, is the best place to eat after a long fight against an enemy character.

Features Of Extra Lives (MOD+APK)

The extra lives apk mod is loaded with features that force you to download and install it. For more information on all these features, you are welcome to join us and read them.

Multiple Characters

Players will also interact with diverse characters as part of the extra game lives. Over 200 different characters are available to choose from, each with unique attributes that make the storyline more dynamic. Also, you’ll unlock fun games and interactions as you immerse yourself in the story you want.

Different Locations To Explore

Extra lives apk premium will allow players to explore around 50 locations. Each location will have its unique setup. The illustrations and settings will vary from location to location. Additionally, the graphics will change from one to another. Therefore, players will have plenty of places to discover, and they will not get bored exploring the same places every time.

Exciting Multiple Modes

When you enjoy the gameplay of Extra Lives, you can benefit from its exciting game modes. You can choose from Survival, Deathmatch, Editor, etc. There are ways to defeat the zombies in Survival mode before destroying everything. You can take part in epic deathmatches with your fellow survivors. Furthermore, you can customize extra lives’ levels in the Editor mode.

Extra Lives Free Costumes

For the characters inside the game, there are several costumes you can use. To acquire the costumes, you need to earn money. Get all costumes for free when you have the Extra Lives Cracked Apk. Dress up in a new costume when playing.

Extra Lives Unlimited Money

Extra Lives Hack Apk offers unlimited money as its first and most exciting feature. The user has unlimited money to use to perform all actions in the game. Through this feature, users can purchase and unlock all locations in the game. It will also allow them to make upgrades and purchases.

Unlimited Ammo And Health

A game where you must protect yourself from zombies awaits you. Thus, you will need ammunition to defeat all these zombies. Furthermore, with limited ammo, you cannot defeat the zombies. The Extra Lives Mod Apk Unlimited Health and Ammo will help you fight against zombies. However, you will also become extremely tired as a result of fighting. As a result, you will receive unlimited health using the Extra Lives cheats.

Ads Free Gameplay

An additional premium feature in this mod game is an add-free experience. The original game version is full of ads. But, with the Extra Lives Hacked Apk, you can now play free zombie adventures without ads.

Simple Touch Control

The game is easy and intuitive to play for interested people. To survive the zombie invasion, you must find a way to escape. You can attack, combo, and perform varying attacks using your virtual opponents in the sandbox with the color buttons. Also, you can develop strategies for defeating your adversaries.

Download Extra Lives MOD APK 2023 Unlimited Everything

The goal of Extra lives is to kill zombies and safeguard yourself. The game has many thrilling stories associated with it. Due to the popularity of PlayStation and Xbox, it is also possible that you can play this game on these consoles. In addition, the game is also available for Android, iOS, and PC. So, download the Extra Lives Mod Apk unlocked all and free shopping without wasting more time.

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How To Download And Install Extra Lives Unlocked APK

Fallow these steps To Download And Install Extra Lives Unlocked APK:

  • To download “Extra Lives Mod Apk,” click the above-given download button.
  • Locate the modified version in your download folder once it is downloaded.
  • Once you find the mod file, tap it to install it quickly.
  • To resolve any installation errors, you can enable ‘Unknown Sources.’
  • It is now successfully installed.
  • Get the thrill and adventurous fight with zombies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get powers in Extra Lives?
With the original game, you only get a limited amount of health and ammunition. Rest and food are required to recharge your energies. When you download the mod version of Extra Lives, you will get unlimited health, ammo, food, and powerful antidotes that can make you stronger like a zombie.

How do you cure zombies in Extra Lives?
Curing a zombie with a syringe or potion will make the NPC grateful to you and become your ally. A certain NPC may also give you a mission to cure a particular zombie. Similarly, if the NPC is still hostile after being cured, it may remain hostile.

How do I turn back into a human in Extra Lives?
Antidotes are available throughout the game map, usually in syringes or flasks. You can use this antidote to restore yourself to human form immediately after you regain zombie form.

Bottom Line

In the Extra Life Apk, the player has to deal with zombies to reach his goal while on a journey. Throughout the game, you will have several opportunities to kill your enemies to reach your destination. Among the many options for captivating players is that the game has 300 characters managed in eight different teams.

Furthermore, the game contains fifty distinct locations, numerous modes, and a few upgrades. With the Extra Lives Mod Apk VIP Unlocked, you can have these complementary features. What more do you need? You can quickly install this game modded version onto your device if you wish to experience the thrill of the game.

What's new

- Controller support for paying customers! Xbox or Playstation style controllers should be detected automatically on Android 10+, otherwise please use the "Calibration" option.
- Enhanced compatibility with the latest versions of Android.


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