Stick War Legacy MOD APK v2023.4.52 (Unlimited Gems/Money)

It is a single-player strategy game where you can assemble your army, battle other nations and fight for the Crown of Inamorta.
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Stick War Legacy Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems is the fifth installment in the famous Stick War series and are the revised version of the original game. Published by Max Games Studios, it is the first game in the series released on mobile platforms. It is a single-player strategy game where you can assemble your army, battle other nations and fight for the Crown of Inamorta. With over 100M+ downloads worldwide, it is the most played web game in the market. Get exciting Unblocked Features with the hacked mod APK version of the game.

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Features Of Stick War: Legacy (APK+MOD)

Stick War: Legacy is a fun arcade-style game featuring amazing gameplay with leaves you addicted to the game. The game has many features, including Army Battles play, character customization features, 3D graphic Zombie mod, and much more. If you play Forge of Empires Mod Apk then you will be aware of strategy gameplay.

Assemble Your Army And Enjoy Ad-Free Gameplay

It is essentially a war game, meaning that you will have to fight to increase your power. You must build an army of stickmen in the game. Create a large army of different units of soldiers. The original game contains ads that constantly interrupt the player. With the modded version, you can now experience ad-free gameplay without purchasing the premium version of the game.

Engage In Epic Battles

The game is played in single-player mode, so you cannot fight other players. You can battle computer-controlled armies of other nations in the game. Moreover, The game has a strategy element similar to Total Conquest. Each nation has its separate military and tech knowledge. You can gain them by defeating their armies and assimilating the nation into your own.

Customize Your Soldiers

Create a customized army with each soldier having a special trait or skill. The game features different skill sets that you can attribute to different stickmen. You can choose from Spear, Sword, Mage, Archer, and even Giant. You can also equip your soldiers with items that give you special traits useful in combat.

Crown Of Inamorta

The entire game is centered around the Crown of Inamorta. All the nations in the game are fighting to become the King of Inamorta. You have to complete challenges and win battles with the other nations to expand your rule and become the King to spread peace throughout the lands.

Zombie Mode

In the new update of the game, you can now use the Endless Zombie Survival Mode. You can earn amazing rewards and items in this mode. The longer you stay alive, the more rewards you can get. Have fun in the battle against the zombie hoard.

Bonus Levels And Simple Controls

It has 6 additional bonus levels as compared to previous instalments of the game. Complete league 7 to get to the next one. Finish the missions to increase your power. It uses simple controls that are easy to use, and you can master them in no time. It is designed so that the player does not face any problems in playing the game.

Play On Your Mobile Offline/Online

You can play the previous editions of Stick War only on PCs, and you cannot install them on your phone. But, the new Stick War: Legacy can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. Stick War is a single-player game where you cannot interact with other players. You can play the game offline without the need for any internet, Wi-Fi connection, or even mobile data.

Stick War: Legacy MOD Menu

Stick War: Legacy mod APK is the hacked version of the game. You can get awesome unlocked features of the game for free. The game has a cartoonish art style that looks similar to a drawing of stickmen. The graphics of the game are simple and perfectly match the theme of the game.

Unlimited Gems, Gold, And Upgrades

Similarly, gems and gold are also used to buy different items in the game. Upgrades are used to increase the power of your army units. With the modified APK game, you can get Unlimited Gems, Gold, and Upgrades game for free.

Unlimited Chest And Money

You can only get chests at the end of missions or as a daily login reward. However, with the modded game, get access to Unlimited Chests that contain exciting items and rewards. To purchase the different items and traits in the game, you need to have money. Also, You can earn Unlimited Money through the mod APK version. Now you don’t need to participate in the numerous missions anymore.

999 Army

With the cheat version of the game, you can easily increase the power and size of your army. Multiply your army units to double their previous capacity without any extra effort. Now with your gigantic army, you can easily overtake your enemies.

Free Purchase

In the actual game, players can buy items and game traits from the in-game store. However, you need to pay real money to get these things, and not all players can afford to purchase them. However, by using the cheat version of the game, you can access free shopping from the store.

Stick War Legacy Gameplay And Guide

The game takes place in the realm of Inamorta, where various nations, each with its distinct military and technology, live together. These nations are namely Speartons, Magikill, Archidons, and Swordwrath. However, they have lost their purpose and have gone astray. Now they idolize the weapons that they are associated with. War is brewing in the shadows as each nation thinks that their god is superior; hence they must destroy the other pagan nations.

stick war legacy gameplay

In the game, you play the part of the commander of the nation ‘Order’ that is the nation of peace. You must defeat the other nations with your powerful army and put a stop to their terror. Build your massive army, take over the lands and unite the realm under your rule. Play the exciting stickmen game and become the King of Inamorta. Further, the Art of War Legions Apk + Mod Gameplay guide is also available on our website.

Stick War Legacy Tips And Tricks

First, learn to throw a spear. Second, provide your troops with savage skin to increase their damage against corpses. Thirdly, use your basic powers since you will find them very useful. Fourth, using the same skin makes a statue easier to manage. Further, a user can make an object faster and stronger.

Fifth, when attacking or defending, ensure you have a balanced formation. It is a common-sense tip, but it is still important. Sixth, keep a few spells handy. However, don’t overspend or misuse them. Seventh, as your melee fighters drain, retreat. The following tips are exclusive to Stick War Legacy. Visit our website regularly for more tips.

Download Stick War: Legacy MOD APK 2023 (Unlimited Everything)

Stick War: Legacy mod APK is an arcade-style war game that you can play in single-player mode. Create a legendary army, fight nations, and crown yourself the King in this epic adventure. With this latest version, you can now play the game on your mobile device. Access premium features and get Unlimited Money, Gems, Gold, Upgrades, and Chests for free.

How To Install Stick War Legacy Hack Latest Version (Android/iOS)

To install the game on either your Android or iOS device, you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Download the file “Stick War: Legacy mod APK” on your device.
  2. Turn on third-party permission in settings.
  3. Open the mod APK file to complete the installation process.
  4. After successful installation of the App, open the game and enjoy.


Stick War: Legacy Mod APK is the perfect game with iconic stickmen drawing graphics and addictive arcade-adventure gameplay. The popular web game series is now available on your phone. Assemble your army, train your units, engage in battles, conquer lands, and become the King to rule the world of Inamorta. Download the modded game to get superb features that are only available in the premium version.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to hack Stick War: Legacy?
You can hack the game by using the mod APK version available on our website. Follow the instructions given above to download the game.

How to get unlimited gems in Stick War: Legacy?
If you want to get unlimited gems, you can install the modified APK game on your device. Download the game from the link above to play.

What is the strongest unit in Stick War: Legacy?
The strongest unit in the game is The Boss Giant. Arising from the shallows of No Man’s Land, the boss giant is a huge stickman with immense strength but is very slow.

What is Stick War 2?
Stick War 3 is commonly called Stick War: Legacy 2. It is the unreleased new installment in the series. This game features MMO mode, meaning that you can play the game in multiplayer mode.

What's new

New Voltaic Skins!
New and updated missions!


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