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***PLEASE NOTE: This game is officially supported only on touchscreen Android devices with at least 3 GB of RAM and up-to-date Vulkan support.
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Several online and offline games allow players to enjoy exciting events with their friends. ARK Survival Evolved is an adventure game where you must survive a mysterious island full of challenges and 80+ dinosaurs. Its unique features include engaging gameplay, intuitive controls, and various locations. Further, the Ark Survival Evolved Mod Apk Latest Version enables you to access its pro features, such as unlimited money, health, Engrams, Amber, God Mode, Max Level, free shopping, and an ad-free interface.

ark survival evolved

Its amazing graphics and sound effects create a unique sense of living in beautiful natural surroundings. So, download the ARK: Survival Evolved mod with free resources to discover the prehistoric world. Also, make new friends, join tribes, and build mighty structures to protect humanity from mega-predators!

What Is ARK Survival Evolved?

Ark survival evolved is regarded as one of the best open-world action games. Enjoy riding and training 80+ dinosaurs in the stone age. The game is available in both single-mode and multiplayer modes.

Wildcard Studio released the game for XBOX, PC, and Android. It is a popular survival and shooting game appealing to many people. There are 150 000 positive reviews for this game since its release.

Downloading the game is free of charge. However, some items are only available when you buy the games and join the subscription. The subscription offers access to all pro features, removes all the ads, and gives you a 2x XP boost.

If you wish to enjoy all these features without paying, you may download the ARK Survival Evolved unlimited Amber. It is a hacked version of the original application. Therefore, you can use all the restricted features at no cost.

How To Play Game

The survival game ARK: Survival Evolved is a unique experience. It’s a world full of danger, with taming dinosaurs, armor, weapons, and battles for glory. The game begins with you waking up as a stranger on an island. You don’t remember how you got here or anything about yourself. While exploring the island, you may encounter other players who will either assist or harm you. At the start of the game, working together is key to surviving dinosaur-infested environments.

With time, your character will learn how to fight enemies, build structures, craft, and tame dinosaurs and animals. In addition, you can gather wood and metal ore to build axes, swords, and statues to surround your base. Many dinosaurs live on this island, some friendly and others dangerous. Keeping them at bay is hard since they are fast runners and tough fighters. Hence, it is important to take protective measures and fight enemies.

Tips For Beginners

Ark: Survival Evolved can present a challenging environment. The following are expert tips and tricks to keep you safe and alive.

  1. Starting with the Stone Spear, Hatchet, and Campfire. These things will keep you alive and help you grow stronger.
  2. It’s tough at night in Ark. If you don’t want to die, build an Ark Survival Evolved shelter before nightfall.
  3. If a creature glows orange, it’s an “alpha” who won’t say hello. It is extremely difficult to kill it. If you’re just starting, it is impossible. So, running is a good option if you see one.
  4. The quality of your life in Ark depends on your bed. The bed allows you to respawn quickly. Hence, it’s best to set up a worldwide bed network to bounce freely.
  5. Upon entering Ark, you are likely spawned near some water or on a beach. Spending your first few hours at the beach, the safest spot in the early game, is best.
  6. It’s best to avoid going into the water for new players. The water looks inviting but is extremely dangerous due to predators and fish.

Top Features

There are many superb features included in ARK Survival Evolved. As a result, it is one of Android’s most downloaded survival games.

top ten features of ark survival evolved

80 + Species Of Dinosaurs

Ark Survival Evolved has over 80 dinosaur types to discover, including Argentavis, Doedicurus, Ichthyosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Therizinosaurus, and more. Managing these dinosaurs wisely requires an understanding of their behavior. There are some tactics you can use to tame, train, and breed them.

Explore Huge World

An island of mystery and adventure awaits you in this open-world game. Dinosaurs are waiting to eat you for breakfast as you explore the bizarre flora and fauna of the Jurassic period. Further, every player will find something to do in ARK Survival Evolved. The ancient world’s atmosphere captivates you from the beginning.

Unlock All Engrams Commands

An engram is a command that unlocks the crafting recipes in ARK: Survival Evolved. Players earn engram points when they unlock new engrams and purchase new engrams at every level. However, when you use the modded ARK Survival Evolved, Unlock all engrams command without spending a penny.

Unlimited Amber & Resources

In the game, Ancient Amber is the premium currency. It provides single-use items, XP boosts, and quick building paths. Alternatively, you can download ARK Survival Evolved unlimited Amber you can obtain. The modded version also offers unlimited resources for crafting or upgrading.

Never use your fists or rocks for hunting or fighting. ARK Survival Evolved unlimited resources allows you to create excellent items such as lanterns and weapons. So, tame dinosaurs, weapons, furniture, and craft armor.

Ark Survival Evolved MOD Menu

Upon starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left corner to access the menu mod. With the menu mod, you can craft for free, obtain unlimited engrams, embers, and items, and become immortal. Using all these options does not require money; you may use them as often as you desire. The only requirement is to download Ark Survival Evolved Unlimited Everything and have fun activities.

ark survival evolved mod menu

Unlimited Money & Health

Ark Survival Evolved comes with unlimited money. It offers users free access to all premium game resources and items. Additionally, ARK Survival Evolved unlimited money and health provides infinite re-swapping points to ensure your character’s survival. No creature harms you. In this manner, your character becomes immortal. Only drowning causes damage to your body.

Unlimited Skins & Hair Style

There are a lot of skins and hairstyles to choose from in the game right now. Explorer Notes and achievements are the only ways to obtain Ark Hairstyles and skins. To access the player’s haircut menu, left-click on the player. Further, it allows you to adjust Facial Hair and Head Hair lengths! In contrast, the mod ARK Survival Evolved Unlock All Skins and Hairstyle of the game suits your character, so enjoy.

God Console & Max Level

Using the Ark Survival Evolved cheats, you can use a God Console at the maximum 190-player level. In the official version, a player normally attains 105 levels on the first attempt and 60 levels after defeating a boss. Additionally, collecting explore notes awards 10 levels and leveling up Chibis awards five. However, playing ARK Survival Evolved crack makes your Survivor immune and invulnerable throughout all 190 levels. There is no fear of death on the Island.

Free Shopping & Unlimited Everything

In the game, you can purchase many premium items and elements that allow you to progress quickly. It is, unfortunately, too expensive to unlock many things with in-app purchases. However, Ark Survival Evolved Free Shopping unlocks all in-app purchases and allows free use.

Online & Offline Availability

You may play this game alone or with others. There are dozens of survivors you can join or go it alone. Those who don’t like playing with others can form tribes. The tribal system is not the only means of establishing alliances between tribes. The alliances allow players to benefit from each other’s attacks or work against each other.

Download and Install

Survival games, such as ARK: Survival Evolved unlimited Amber Apk, are widely loved because of their wealth and depth of gameplay. Therefore, discover the ancient past where you can hunt and tame prehistoric reptiles. There is also a tutorial mode, high-resolution textures, and simple, intuitive controls. Hence, download the ARK Survival Evolved All Unlocked of the game and return to the world of lethal dinosaurs.


ARK: Survival Evolved is undoubtedly the most popular Android survival game, with millions of active players worldwide. Its great ecosystem contributes to making Ark Survival Evolved Gameplay extremely realistic. Further, you can experience real survival challenges with a variety of approaches. In the ARK Survival Evolved max level, you can add unlimited money and resources to your account without spending any money.

Thus, it is a great opportunity for those who enjoy playing this game and wish to enhance their experience. So, please download ARK Survival Evolved God Console without further ado and try it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ark Survival Evolved good and free?
Yes, it is an excellent game that is available for free download. You do not need to pay for it.

Is Ark Survival Evolved offline or online?
Yes, this game officially provides both online and offline modes. So, play with friends or alone; it is only up to you.

How many GB is Ark Survival Evolved?
It only works with touchscreen Android devices with at least 3 GB of RAM and Vulkan support.

How to unlock all engrams in Ark Survival Evolved?
In Ark Survival Evolved, the console command unlocks all engrams regardless of your level and does not incur any engram points. Giveengrams is the command to use. As a result, you can now build anything in the game.

How to unlock all skins in Ark Survival Evolved?
After achieving a certain Achievement, survivors are given access to various skins. Further, killing certain creatures will also unlock additional skins.

What's new

- Improved Android 12 functionality
- Structures can no longer be placed in the Volcano Crater on Official PvE servers
- "Disable Building in Volcano Crater (PvE)" option added to Unofficial Server web interface
- Numerous bug & exploit fixes


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