8 Ball Pool Hack MOD APK v5.14.5 (Anti Ban/Long Line)

Do you want to play in the world of pool games? 8 Ball Pool is an addictive challenging game based on real 3D pool games, where you will challenge your friends online. Become a master of the pool!
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The classic billiards game 8 Ball Pool offers a unique gaming experience in the form of a sports mobile game. It is similar to Carrom, except that players get to play on a bounded table with cue balls instead. There is no need for busy people to play billiards and go to clubs to amuse themselves. It is now available on your mobile device. Hence, you should download 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk Unlimited Coins and Cash, completely anti-ban.

8 ball pool mod menu

The game becomes more enjoyable, competitive, and thrilling when you play with the mod. Among the unique features of 8 Ball Pool Mod are long lines, free VIP points, and unlimited cues, which are enough to please any billiards fan. Here is a recommendation, download the Mini Football Mod Apk sports game and post your feedback on our website.

8 Ball Pool APK

Improve your skills in the practice arena, challenge the world in 1-vs-1 matches, or participate in tournaments to win trophies, cues, and more!
Make your cue and table with custom colours and patterns! Each time you play a competitive 1-vs-1 match, Pool Coins will be up for grabs – win the match, and the Coins are yours. They enable you to enter higher ranked matches or buy new items from the Pool Shop.

You can challenge your friends directly from the game if you sign in with your MINICLUPS or Facebook account. Show off your skills and challenge your friends at any time.

8 Ball Pool Pro/Premium APK

Miniclip has designed this famous and widely played online pool game, 8 Ball Pool, for Android, PC, and other browsers. Play 1-on-1 matches and tournaments with up to eight players, no matter your location or device. With a pro game version of the pool and multiplayer tournaments, you can even win a billiards title against another player.

The game premium version will award you with pool coins that will allow you to compete in higher-level matches. It has a simple interface. When playing the game, you keep your Pool Coins as a stake for each table you choose. After you win, these coins are all yours. Your ranking and coins increase as you win more matches.

Earning coins lets you purchase new items from the Pool Shop or play higher-stakes games and compete against the best players. Further, you can challenge your friends on Miniclip and Facebook and show off your gaming prowess. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a Score Hero 2 App guide with an app file for the respective mod/apk, you can find it through the highlighted link.

8 Ball Pool Guidelines And Gameplay

8 Ball Pool Gameplay is addictive, just like many indoor games such as Snakes, Ludo, and Magic Card. Players connect to playing matches. Your game involves putting balls into the holes on the table. You will need a stick and a white ball to put these balls in the hole. To put the leading ball into the hole, you will have to poke it until it collides with the one you need to put in.

If you want the balls to stay on the right track, you need to adjust the impact angles. However, the accessible 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk allows many players to enjoy it. The 8 Ball Pool rules are pretty straightforward. It offers numerous advantages over the original game. Among them is the possibility to manipulate the angle and path of the ball. You must align the force with the correct poking.

With the 8 Ball Pool, you will have relatively simple control. Using swipes and drags, you can navigate the ball’s path and the stick’s. Several game modes are also available. It mainly consists of 1vs1 matches. The winner of each match receives experience points and valuable bonuses. With your bonuses, you can purchase valuable items. After reading the brief gameplay overview, we must be sure of the answer to the question of how to play 8 Ball pool you better understand.

8 Ball Pool Tips And Tricks

Make sure you select your position and angle for hitting other balls carefully because if you touch any side balls, you will lose your turn. When playing online with friends or strangers, you don’t have to take much time to aim. Clicking quickly on the shoot button will give you more time to select your angles.

If you lose all the balls, then you lose, so keep every ball on the board to win the game. You’ll find many balls throughout the 8 ball pool hack Android Apk no human verification, including diamonds, forex, white cue balls, etc.

Features Of 8 Ball Pool (MOD+APK)

There are more features in 8 Ball Pool Hack than in the original game, like Long Lines and Unlimited Coins. 8 Ball Pool cheats have the benefit of unlocking all the resources. The following are all 8 Ball Pool Mod features. So, please read below to learn everything we have to say about it.

All Tables Open

Joining a table is the first step to starting to play the game. You can select from many tables. Further, PvP and multiplayer are both available. These tables will allow you to become a master at this 3D game. You can play the game no matter your level of experience and easily beat your friends.

Long Line Of Sighting

In 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk, long lines provide the fastest means of pocketing balls. Additionally, this feature allows us to see the end of the table’s trajectory. When you play high-ranking matches in 8 Ball Pool, you will not receive any guidelines from their servers. Therefore, the game becomes much more challenging and competitive.

8 Ball Pool MOD Menu

You’ll find 8 Ball Pool VIP points, cash, cues, long lines, cheats, and hack features in the Mod menu. It only requires downloading and installing the 8 Ball Pool aim assist pro mod Apk. Take part in the whole fun-filled game, and leave your comments.

8 Ball Pool Free Rewards And Cues

In the original version, costs for pool cues vary widely, and larger cues can generate greater force and last longer. Moreover, using cheap cues will also reduce the game’s features. However, the 8 Ball Pool all Cues Mod Apk downloads to unlock all cues for free. You will surely enjoy it.

Unlimited Cash And Coins

Cash is a premium currency in the game used to buy power cues, level the account, and purchase chat packs. But a limited amount of cash is available in the normal version of the game, so it cannot fulfil our needs. However, the modded version provides an unlimited 8 Ball pool, free cash, and coins without any rules.

8 Ball Pool Unblocked Items

Using this game’s original version as an in-app purchase feature, you will see prices ranges to buy items. To get an item, players need to pay a lot of money. If you want to get these items free, you can use a mod version of 8 ball pool for unlimited money. Hence, to save money, use 8 ball pool mod apk on their Android phones.


8 Ball Pool Mod Apk Anti Ban unlimited coins to prevent bans; you can play without worry. The latest 8 Ball Pool beta version for Android is available to download right now, so you can play without getting banned. It includes extended guidelines that can assist you. The maximum length of the guidelines is still based only on standards relevant to gaming, not for the entire screen.

Download The 8 Ball Pool MOD APK 2023 Long Line Latest Version

8 Ball Pool offers many eye-catching features that make it a top-rated multiplayer pool game. A great feature of this game is the ability to select opponents with similar skill levels or leagues. The 8 Ball pool aim hack includes a tournament mode and online and offline modes. You can link to your social media accounts in online mode.

8 ball pool hack

In addition, it offers auto-matching and links you with people worldwide. An 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk for PC, Android, iOS, and other browsers is available. Hence, download the 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk to join billiards for the game’s enjoyment and as a career goal.

How To Download And Install 8 Ball Pool Hack (Android/iOS/Pc)

Before you download the modded version, remove the old version. Additionally, make sure you have “Unknown Sources” enabled.

  1. Tap on the above-given download button to get ” 8 Ball Pool All Cues Mod Apk.
  2. Open the download folder on your device to find the “8 Ball Pool Hack” file.
  3. To install, click on the modified file downloaded.
  4. After installation, open the app and enjoy.


A fun and entertaining game, 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk is a great choice. Besides joining your friends in the fun matches, you can also challenge them. The 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk unlimited money, cash, and cues are jam-packed with many other features. The most exciting feature is the Extended Stick Guideline. So, download it now to have enjoyment.

You can customize your cue and pool table! Every time you participate in a competitive PvP match in our league, Coins are at stake – win the match, and you’ll get Coins. The Pool Shop also allows you to purchase new items free of cost. Compete in our 3D multiplayer league and become a master of 8 balls in 3D!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to change the name in an 8 ball pool?
8 ball pool does not offer the option to change your name. When you connect your Facebook account to your game account, the name you assign to it will remain permanent.

How to hack an 8 ball pool?
We have provided a hack version of 8 Ball Pool in this article. You can therefore download the hacked version from the download link above. Further, the game includes unlimited coins, cash, cues, and other resources. Hence, please don’t wait and grab it now, free.

How to get free coins in an 8 ball pool?
With the official version of the game, players only have access to unlimited amounts of coins when they advance through the game or level up. In contrast, the 8 Ball Pool hack gives unlimited coins at the beginning of the game. So, download the game hack version.

How to get free cash in an 8 ball pool?
You get unlimited free cash in 8 Ball Pool’s official version when you complete multiple tournaments and leagues. If you do not want to wait until you have completed these tournaments or leagues, you can download the game mod version and enjoy unlimited cash.

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