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If you are passionate about football and desire to play football on your mobile device, look no further. An excellent football game is available to experience the thrill of playing football at home with a realistic feel. A great sports game, Score Hero 2, allows users to play football matches online and offline. Hence, download Score Hero 2 Mod Apk latest version to enjoy all its premium features at zero cost. In the mod pro, unlimited features are energy, life, money, and multiple exciting levels.

score hero 2 mod apk full energy

There are also many different challenges and missions to complete. So, you can enjoy a pure football match without distractions. Furthermore, there is also an option for downloading and getting our suggested app, Score Hero MOD APK, with amazing graphics and a user interface.

What Is Score Hero 2?

Score Hero 2 is a strategy football game that requires players to execute impressive passes to advance through each level. First Touch Games Ltd. developed this football game. The free version of Score Hero 2 is the basic version. And, to get its pro version, you need to pay and get its premium subscription. It is the perfect game for sports enthusiasts, especially football fans.

As you progress through the game, you will encounter several different levels. Once you have completed each level and won a match, you will receive Score Hero 2 unlimited money and life reward. Spend this money on different items and upgrade your team with additional skills. Additionally, it is very appealing to listen to the sound effects and applause of the audience.

How To Play (Gameplay)

Initially, players must select a country and a team. It requires five players, and new users are rewarded directly. However, when you select players for the first time, they are not very powerful. Players who wish to strengthen their teams must win gold and coins. The first round of the match will begin with the ball being served in the middle. Players control running and passing directions with the roulette on the bottom left.

During the passing of the ball, players need to predict certain outcomes. You can predict with your eyes the trajectory of the football as it rolls across the screen. After passing the ball many times, players shoot the goal. Making more goal shots than the other team is one of the criteria for winning a game. To reach the next pass, the player must utilize the smaller map. Players must pay attention to the pass length to pass the ball effectively. Moreover, you can read about Archery Battle 3D with an app file for the respective. You can access it via the highlighted link.

Distribute your players evenly if your pass is long so they won’t get robbed. Play against the computer first. As you learn the game, compete against other players worldwide. A replay is shown whenever the ball is passed and a goal is scored. You can see the game time and score in the upper left corner. It takes 90 minutes to complete each game, divided into two halves.

Tips And Tricks

  1. Control the ball’s effect to keep your goalkeeper guessing.
  2. It would help if you took shots at medium height since they are most difficult to stop.
  3. Avoid shooting low since these shots have a low chance of scoring.
  4. You will score many goals when you master the art of making a Vaseline over the goalkeeper.
  5. To obtain infinite lives and unlimited energy, you must alter the time on your mobile device.

Top Features

There is no doubt that football will remain the most popular sport for years. Almost every country today has a large number of football fans. Score Hero allows users to unlock all the football heroes of their choice to play with their favorite players. Here’s what Score Hero 2 hack offers its players to make their play even more enjoyable.

top seven features of the score hero 2

Action With Football Game

Sport like this is popular due to a large number of participants. It is a challenging and enjoyable sport to play and watch because players are only permitted to use their feet. The gameplay is primarily focused on scoring. Fans love to watch incredible goals, which is undoubtedly the most enjoyable aspect of the game. Drawing lines is necessary to guide the ball to the other player and the goal. Ensure that the opposing team does not catch it and score today.

Customize Your Player

As a player of Score Hero 2, you can customize your hero from the head to the beard and the shoes. Further, you may unlock a wide variety of shoes, shirts, numbers, jerseys, and beards. You are responsible for your story, so you must always look good. You will earn more money with each goal you score to spend on your player’s appearance.

Score Hero 2 MOD Menu

The Score Hero 2 Mod Menu is now accessible from the main menu. The game now has more options to make your game experience easier. It will surprise you just how useful the mod menu is in the updated version. Hence, download the Score Hero 2 Cracked version to unlock all levels and events for free and to enjoy the new features and items.

Unlimited Money & Lives

As you progress through Score Hero 2, you can earn some cash. It may take longer for you to earn enough money to unlock what you desire. You can earn money watching advertisements. Further, connecting to your Facebook account gets you 5 extra bucks. As you can see, earning a little money takes a lot of time.

Are you interested in getting unlimited money quickly? The Score Hero 2 cheats is here. With this modified version, the money bar will grow until no more room is left. Your resources are at your disposal. Any feature you desire is now yours.

Unlocked All Levels

This Score Hero game has more than 800 levels and is continuously expanding. Playing the game from the beginning is simple and easy, but completing each level gets harder and more demanding. Further, the playing style is different at each level, so the player must maintain a high level of awareness. In this game, players compete in leaderboards to become the best. Download Score Hero, 2 unlocked all levels to experience everything about the football game.

Unlimited Energy Full

The best football game, hands down, is Score Hero 2. As you play, your energy levels drop. However, with Score Hero 2 Unlimited Energy Full, while playing the matches. As a result, you can play all the seasons whenever you like and still have maximum energy. No more waiting. As long as you reach level 600, you are not limited in your ability to complete the levels.


There are no advertisements within the application. It is well known that ads disturb users greatly, and they wish to remove them. The most effective method for obtaining an ad-free and improved experience is downloading the modified version of the application.

Download and Install

The Score Hero 2 game takes realistic graphics from games like FIFA and brings them to a new level. In addition, you can customize your players’ appearance as you wish. Build your team with the best players. Whenever you score, a newspaper headline will appear on the screen. Thousands of people will cheer for you. Thus, you don’t need to run through the field. Additionally, Score Hero 2 unlimited money and lives is the only new game focusing exclusively on scoring. Download and play today.

score hero 2 game download

Final Verdict

An amazing football simulation game, Score Hero 2 full energy is a must-have for all football fans. Android and iOS users can experience the world’s best and most famous goals. Moreover, you will have unlimited money without an Internet connection while offline. A mod menu provides unlimited lives, hearts, and energy to solve Score Hero 2 connection problems. With the cracked version, you get all the updated features for free. So, instantly download the Score Hero 2 Modded game and play in your favorite team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Score Hero 2 Offline?
It is an offline game that enables you to enjoy your favorite games without being connected to the Internet. Additionally, you may play online with your friends from around the world.

How many levels are in Score Hero 2?
It contains about 800 challenging levels to make your game even more thrilling. As time passes and you advance to the next level, you will experience an intense challenge.

How to get unlimited hearts and lives in Score Hero 2?
Score Hero 2 gives you unlimited hearts and lives when you win more challenges and matches. However, downloading the Score Hero 2 Mod version game doesn’t need unlimited hearts and lives. The Mod version gives you these components at the start of the game in unlimited amounts.

What's new

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