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Here, you are behind the wheel of a motorbike in a much more detailed gaming experience while still retaining the old-fashioned simplicity and fun.
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One of the most popular racing games, Traffic Rider Mod APK Download Unlimited Money and Bikes Unlock, is a single-player motorbike action game. Having over 100M+ installations, it is #2 in the Top Free Racing Games worldwide. It is a simple mobile game where you can participate in races on your bike. Within the game, you can take to the streets and highways and overtake the vehicles to cross the finish line before the time runs out. Also, complete the missions to unlock new bikes and levels and get absorbed in the latest version of the addicting gameplay.

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Additionally, using the mod game, you can get access to all the premium unlocked features of the game for free. Take advantage of the unlocked and unlimited items, rewards, money, and upgrades. Check Also: Toca Life World Mod Apk amazing game with excellent gameplay.

What Is Traffic Rider?

Traffic Rider APK is a game with paid features and needs to spend money to unlock premium resources. In the beginning, you have no money and no gold, so you need to start playing. Using the starter bike, you can enter the first racing mission in the game to earn money. Only after completing the first one can you enter the second race and so on. Similarly, all the motorcycles are locked in the game, and you must use the money to buy them.

On the other hand, the is a modified game containing premium features. Thus, you can instantly unlock all the items and rewards and get unlimited access to the gaming money.

Tips And Tricks

Check out these tips and tricks to play Traffic Rider Mod like a pro. Making quick decisions allows you to react quickly during the game. Make quick decisions, or you might crash into one of those cars that you could have dodged. If you’re not quick, you can drive between two cars. It is risky and tricky when you don’t have any other options and also you can play it smoothly just like the Bike Race Apk game.

You have to complete a given distance within a specified time limit to overtake the number of cars without losing time. Therefore, stay focused on the objective indicated at the top of the screen. If you’re just getting started, you might find the controls confusing. To avoid this, learn each control’s purpose before starting. Additionally, If you are looking for tips and tricks for Driving School 2016, visit the highlighted link for in-depth information.

A trick to add time to mission completion is to extend the time available. Take advantage of this checkpoint to gain a few extra seconds. You’ll gain more gold if you watch more video ads. Buying a bike with enough gold and cash is possible.

Top Features

Traffic Rider is an offline speed racing game that uses quality 3D visuals and dynamic controls to create a unique experience. While playing, you can select a motorcycle and race on the roads and city streets while dodging the oncoming traffic. Afterward, with each completed level, you can earn rewards that you can use to upgrade your vehicle and redesign it to your liking. Moreover, you can unlock new bikes and courses on the map to play even more exciting races.

top fifteen features of traffic rider

Choose A Bike

There are approximately 29 motorcycles, scooters, heavy bikes, and dirt bikes that you can select in the game. A fun fact, all the motorbikes are based on actual real-life motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles. Thus, the game provides an authentic racing experience that can wow any player. But, don’t forget, with the latest updates, you can access even better bikes.

Bikes And Character Customizations

Further, you can go to the customization section to upgrade your motors. Here, you can tweak the Power, Handling, and Braking function to increase the overall speed and agility of the vehicle. In addition, you can also change the colour and add stickers to the front to create a new design. Apart from the machine, you can even accessorize with brand new racing gloves.

Races Modes

The game features 4 racing modes: Carrer, Endless, Time Trial, and Free Ride modes. Moreover, the race can take place on either a highway or city road, and the traffic flow can also differ between one-way or two-way traffic. However, the key task remains the same: you must complete the race and reach the finish line within the time frame while maneuvering through the traffic and avoiding crashes and accidents. Thus, play the exciting 70+ missions and races to earn rewards.


Although a single-player game, you can compete against other gamers in online race events. Additionally, participate in the races to get 30 different achievements and obtain the top position on the leaderboard.

Environment Settings

The development team has created an environment setting that supports multiple daylight and weather changes to create even more realistic gameplay. Namely, day, night, noon, evening, rain, thunder, and sunset aesthetics provide a genuine feeling of racing on the streets.


Another important update in the game is the languages feature. To bring the racing game to the international market, the game’s developers have added more linguistic functions. Now, the latest version has over 19 different languages.

First-Person POV

When you play the game, you will notice that the camera angles are in the first-person point of view. With this POV, the game takes on a more immersive aspect as the player can see and visualize the twists and turns of the bike.

3D Graphics And Sounds

3D graphics and fluid visual effects create smooth gameplay that is iconic in other 3D games. Also, to give a more natural feeling, the real sounds of a motorcycle and traffic are recorded and used in the game. Therefore, the animations and game music are a perfect complement to the racing gameplay.

Smooth Controls

The UI/UX used in the game is adjusted so that anyone can learn and master the controls. To specify, there are two touch buttons displayed on the screen that controls the speed and the brakes, respectively.

Traffic Rider MOD Menu

Traffic Rider is the modded version of the original app that has all the premium functions of the game already unblocked and readily accessible for the user. Thus, with the cheat APK game, you can have Unlimited Money, Gold, Nonstop Shopping, and Everything. As well as get all the Unlocked Bikes and Levels for free.

Unlimited Money, Keys, And Gold

After completing the events and missions, you can earn money and gold in the game. To specify, Money is the standard, whereas Gold is the premium currency within the game. Nonetheless, you can use these items to buy and unlock new bikes and add upgrades to the motorcycle. But, with the hacked game, you can access Unlimited Money and Gold without any effort.

Additionally, you can also gain Unlimited Keys in the game with the help of the altered APK game.

All Bikes Unlocked

As mentioned previously, there are more than 29 types of bikes and motorcycles in the game. However, you can get these bikes only with money and gems. On the other hand, you can easily Unlock All Bikes for free with the modified game.

All Levels Unlocked

Similarly, the has All Levels Unlocked with various cheat codes. Thus, you don’t need to go through the difficulties and use this version to get to the final level.

Ad Free

Usually, there are many advertisements in free games that keep popping up while you are playing. These ads are very annoying and waste a lot of time. To get rid of these distracting ads, you can use the modded version and get ad-free gameplay.

Unlimited Shopping

The game features an in-app store where players can purchase new items such as special bikes, gold boosters, and money packs against a subscription fee. But, not all players can afford to buy these things. Therefore, to utilize Free Shopping, you must download the hack APK from the website.


Traffic Rider is a casual motorcycle racing game and a sequel to Soner Kara game developers’ famous Traffic Racer game. You can equip a bike and compete in the many racing levels to earn unique rewards and unlock new motorbikes. Additionally, you can redesign your vehicle with new colours and stickers to create beautiful patterns and enter multiplayer events. Here, you can fight against global players and strive to get your name on the leaderboard. So, get ready and join the epic race for the finish line.

Traffic Rider Singleplayer Play Mode Hack

Generally, the game is played in single-player mode. But, you can also go online and participate in multiplayer races and events. If you want to play the game without an internet connection, then don’t worry. Of course, you can play anywhere you want as the game doesn’t require any Wi-Fi Or mobile data to function.

Download and Install

Traffic Rider is an offline racing action game where you can use any motorcycle to compete in races across various roads and streets to get incredible rewards. Along with the superb 3D animation and game sound, the gameplay reaches a whole new level. Furthermore, with the modified APK, you can get Unlimited Money, Gold, Keys, and Free Shopping. Also, the game has more Unlocked Levels and Bike functions that you can enjoy.

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How To Download And Install Latest Version

The game, Traffic Rider, is suitable for both iOS and Android phones. With the following steps, you can easily download and install the free game.

  1. Download the game file “Traffic Rider Mod.”
  2. Allow 3rd party access in Settings.
  3. Open the APK file and wait for it to install completely.
  4. Afterward, open the app and enjoy the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to enter cheat codes in Traffic Rider?
With the help of the altered game, you can apply and enter any cheat code that you want and get awesome unlocked items, coins, and gold free of cost.

How to hack Traffic Rider?
To hack the game, you need to download the modified APK file from the link above. Due to the fact, it contains all the cheats and hacked premium items and features for free.

How big is the Traffic Rider game?
The size of the game is small, and it is not a big game. Still, the game uses 99MB of internal storage on your mobile device.

What kinds of bikes can you get in Traffic Rider?
The latest update has over 29 bikes and motorcycles, including the FZH Turbo, CHIEF LT, DCT 8910H, FX 10S, MX 450S, and other numerous bikes.


Traffic Rider is a perfect racing adventure that combines quality 3D graphics and addictive gameplay. Thus, these two things create an addicting game that you can’t leave your phone and keep playing. Since its release in 2016, it has already become the best bike racing game with a dedicated fanbase. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game now to begin the adventure.

What's new

- Added a new bike
- Added a new map with 15 advanced missions
- Added 10 new stickers
- Bug fixes and improvements


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