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A mountainous world awaits you, where you must overcome obstacles and hurdles.
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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a game you might have heard about if you follow the online game streamers. It is a popular game that involves climbing mountains and reaching different heights. There is a great deal of detail in the background, skies, mountains, animations, and everything else so that it feels like playing a high-end game. To play this game without spending money and time, you will need to download the Getting Over It Mod Apk giant hammer and high jump version. So, download the Getting Over It unblocked version to get unlimited gravity, speed, chances, a big hammer, and free cash.

getting over it mod menu

You also experience new colors, effects, and gameplay enhancements and get everything unlocked. As a result, playing this game will improve your patience and ability to cope with frustration in real life. Moreover, you can also download and play our suggested Gold and Goblins Mod Apk game with amazing graphics and playback music.

What Is Getting Over It?

Getting Over with Bennett Foddy It is an adventurous mountain climbing simulation game developed by Noodlecake Studio Inc in 2017. In the beginning, Getting over it was not widely known. After streamers began using it, it gained more attention. There was an impressive increase in the number of downloads across a variety of platforms as well. Many factors contribute to the attraction of players to Getting Over It mobile Apk obb.

During this game, you will control a character with a hammer, and you will have to climb to the highest point. Although it looked easy, it wasn’t. Despite the frustration, you will persist. The Getting Over It latest version will appeal to you more due to its annoyances.


Discuss following:

  • CPU Speed 2 GHz Dual Core CPU
  • RAM (2GB)
  • An Intel HD Graphics (4000) the video card or higher is recommended
  • Free disk space (2 GB)

Gameplay Guide

During the game, you become a man named Diogenes stuck on a mountain thousands of meters above the ground. The only companions you have are your cauldron and Yosemite hammer. These items are crucial to his success in conquering those high mountains.

However, despite the danger of the game context, there are still humorous moments for players to enjoy. Let’s discover the brutality of that cliff in this open-ended game. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a Tap Tap Run App guide with an app file for the respective mod/apk, you can find it through the highlighted link.

Tips And Tricks

The tips and tricks guide below will help you gain an edge in the Getting Over It free download as a new player.

  • Throughout the game, you will encounter a wide variety of challenges, but Devil’s Orange and Devil’s Slope stand out as particularly challenging stages. You should take things slowly if you want to avoid failing and going back to the cardboard boxes.
  • Make sure you practice until you achieve success on its challenges. The reason is that if you stop, you will lose so much progress.
  • Make a strong push to reach the top of the chimney. If you make a mistake at the top, you will always fall back to the beginning.

Top Features

The key features that make this game one of the best on Android are outlined below.

top nine features of getting over it

Custom Map & Map Editor

As a long-standing and popular game, Getting Over It free online has undergone many updates to bring new challenges to its players. Further, it will feature a map editor that allows players to create new maps to challenge themselves freely. Players can share these maps with the community to participate in creating custom maps.

Custom maps allow players to find maps of other players and rate them according to their difficulty and creativity. Players will also experience many new features with custom maps since all maps are free.

Hours Of Challenges

If you like challenging games, then you’ll love this one. It is so full of challenges that you will spend hours completing them. Additionally, you will feel more satisfied after you have completed the game. A unique gameplay experience awaits you in the Getting Over It Mod Menu Apk, which will challenge you to the fullest degree.

Innovative Controls

Using the controls is very easy and innovative. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have mastered all the controls. Further, controls are fully optimized and responsive. The gameplay is made much more enjoyable and easy with innovative controls. A little error can lead you back to the beginning of the level if you are unfamiliar with the controls.

More Speed

In this game, speed is imperative because if you lag somewhere, you will lose your player, ending the game. However, the mod version of this game gives you faster hammers to climb mountains and trees more quickly. For purposes of high speed, the Getting Over It download for PC is the best option.

Getting Over It MOD Menu

A special mod menu feature is available in the unlocked premium version of the game. As a result, it provides a wide variety of features, such as unlimited costumes, speed, no ads, gravity, and many others. All of these features are free and don’t require real money. So, download the Getting Over It cheats version from the above-provided link and leave a comment about it.

Unlimited Money

There are many mountain climbing missions in the game Getting Over It. The game’s official version lets you earn unlimited money for completing mission hurdles and removing obstacles. So you can buy costumes, pots, and hammers. In contrast, the cracked version gives you unlimited money and coins without completing missions. So, quickly download the Getting Over It unlimited money and gravity version.

No Gravity

There is no save option in the standard game version, so if you fall, you must start over. Thus, mod versions give their players this amazing feature of no gravity. A modified game version will never end since gravity will not exist. So, get the mod version of the game to enjoy this wonderful feature for free.

No Ads

Ads are a nuisance in the game. Therefore, it is great to know that this game has no advertisements. Hence, you can enjoy ad-free browsing and complete the game. So, simply install this game on your device and start playing the game without watching any ads.

Amazing Graphics

Bennet Foddy’s Getting Over It It Low Gravity mod is mainly intended for 2D platform games. But you will never get bored with its beautiful and realistic graphics. Further, climbing in this game is a realistic experience due to the visual graphics. The thrill of hitting rocks with a hammer and climbing mountains will motivate you to play more.

Download and Install

In the game, players are greeted with a funny, muddy feeling when they start. But, it is important to come up with a really good strategy if you want to succeed in this game. Due to its difficulty, it is likely to pose a lot of challenges to gamers. In addition, you can get it on iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. Generally, its coverage is very wide. So, if you wish to challenge yourself, download the Getting Over It mod menu Apk for your device.

getting over it game download

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to download Getting Over It?
A Getting Over It free download version link is given-above in this article. Quickly click the link and start downloading this modified version with all premium unlocked features.

Is Getting Over It free?
It is a free-for-all, and you are simply hoping to reach the summit. As soon as players begin playing this game, they cannot stop. The Getting Over It crack combines insanity and fun.

How to hack Getting Over It?
There is no need to hack this game because a hack version of Getting Over It is already given in this article. So, tap on the download link and download it right away.

How to get a golden pot in Getting Over It?
Unlocking the Golden Pot requires completing Getting Over It 50 times. With each successful completion of the game, your pot becomes more golden. Therefore, you must play it until your pot becomes completely gold. Fortunately, the Getting Over It hack game does not require you to complete missions repeatedly to get the golden pot.


Overall, Getting over it with bennett foddy golden pot and gravity hack is an interesting climbing game. In this game, your character must climb mountains with the assistance of a hammer. Further, it is a very challenging and enjoyable game to play. Although it is an endlessly entertaining game, you will never get bored playing it. Game graphics and visual quality are outstanding, which adds to the game’s realism and interest.

A mountainous world awaits you, where you must overcome obstacles and hurdles. Further, it is now available for download, so you can start climbing over mountains today. Getting Over It download link is given-above click on it to get the game.

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