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Cricket is a game that can influence our feelings and mental state. It is an extraordinary game involving not two teams but the nation’s game. During intense situations in the matches, the players also sweat. Would you like to give this experience a try? So, download the latest version of Real Cricket 22 Mod Apk, all tournaments unlocked to experience a more realistic cricket experience.

rc22 apk download

The game Rc 22 Mod Apk features numerous stadiums, live commentary, and an enthusiastic crowd. Furthermore, it provides all the excitement and craze to players virtually. Thus, you may start playing the game as the captain of your team and control the entire team. If you’re interested in the Archery Battle 3D MOD APK, download it from the following link and enjoy the amazing graphics and user interface.

What Is Real Cricket 22?

A mobile game similar to real cricket, Rc 22 is a game that simulates cricket on a mobile device. Realism in Real Cricket 22 Android exceeds people’s expectations. Nautilus Mobile is the company that develops it. Aside from single-player modes, the game also offers multiplayer options.

Further, this game also involves robotic opposition. Otherwise, we will have to compete with other individuals during multiplayer mode. The game is fun to play with friends since it gives you so much freedom. You decide when and where your team competes. Additionally, as you play the game, you have several options.

It features various pitches and real cricket equipment, such as gloves, bats, helmets, and pads. More than 60 bowling attacks are available, including spin, seam, and short pitch. The ball bounces in a variety of directions as it moves forward. So, for a true cricket experience on your iOS or Android device, download the Rc 22 Download.

How To Play

Playing Real Cricket 22 Download is similar to a real-life baseball game. You will have to compete against other baseball teams as a cricket team member. Each team may consist of up to eleven members. A squad consists of individuals who run, bowl, run on the ball, and run on the field. The players will stand in the appropriate position according to their responsibilities on the field. The goal is to score as many runs as possible to win.

Additionally, each player on your team needs a number from one to eleven. It is important to write down the numbers before rolling the ball. A total of 22 options are available to you. You can select a country and then represent it in a fight. Also, learn about the Real Cricket 22 tips to develop reasonable strategies to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Top Features

The Real Cricket 22 contains several outstanding features that enhance the playing experience. Listed below are a few of the most notable features of Real Cricket 22:

top nine features of real cricket 22

Authentic Stadium

Real Cricket 22 has a very realistic stadium that is as detailed as the stadiums in real life. The stadiums include London, Mumbai, Dubai, Wellington, Cape Town, Pune, Melbourne, and Kolkata. These stadiums also offer unique experiences and ensure each visitor’s unique experience.

Auction Of Players

Creating the league’s most powerful legendary team requires the ownership of professional players. In Real Cricket 22, you can bid on players to select the most suitable player.

Diverse Playing Mode

Various modes are available, including arcade and tournament modes, with up to 16 players. You may also play this game in real time with a friend. It is also extremely competitive in the multiplayer mode of the game. The quality of your bowling and batting will determine your success. Thus, the player with the most runs wins.

Realistic Graphics

It excitingly simulates the game of cricket. Further, authentic sound effects are also included in this game. An audio commentary provides valuable information about the game and provides useful tips. A unique feature of this game is its ability to customize various aspects.

Time Freedom

Changing the time of the day is also possible. The match lets you switch between morning, midday, afternoon, evening, or night. As the match progresses, you will experience different daytimes.

All Tournament Unlocked

It offers a variety of tournaments with many attractive competitions so you can level up. The Under-19 World Cup, Champions Cup, World Cup 2019, Asia Cup, World Test Championship, Worldwide Premier League, and Master Cup are famous tournaments.

All tournaments are accessible in the Real Cricket 22 cracked version from the beginning. Thus, you do not need to play at lower levels to unlock higher-level tournaments.

Unlimited Money & Gems

As a participant in various matches and leagues, you can earn coins and gems as rewards. Coins allow you to unlock additional characters and new players in the game. You can access unlimited game money, and gems with the Real Cricket 22 Unlocked Everything. Using this money and gem currency, you can purchase items and unlock features for your game.

real cricket 22 unlimited money and gems

Unlimited Tickets

You can get Real Cricket 22 unlimited money and tickets during quests, daily missions, and multiplayer mode when you play the game and win it. On the other hand, the third-party edited version gives you unlimited tickets at the start of the game. So, you never need to participate in its quest, daily missions, and others.

No Ads

Real Cricket 22 unlimited coins and everything latest versions do not contain any advertising. Consequently, pop-up advertisements won’t appear while you play the game. Additionally, it does not offer any in-app purchases or services.

Download and Install

A Real Cricket 22 hack for Android is a modified version of the original game. Several exceptional features enhance the enjoyment of gaming. The Google Play Store does not currently offer Real Cricket 22 Mod. Nevertheless, you may download the Real Cricket 22 download OBB files from our website. You can use it for free. Therefore, if you are an avid cricket fan, you can now download and play Real Cricket 22.


Real Cricket 22 has impressive visuals, considering it is a mobile sports game. Further, the controls and gameplay of the game are both satisfactory. Playing this game has occupied me for several hours. Moreover, the game has become more fun since the recent content update. The game works well in all aspects of gameplay and controls, but sometimes it experiences lags. Overall, it gives me an enjoyable experience playing cricket with my favorite teams.

Bottom Line

Real Cricket 22 is one of the best games, offering multiple matches and tour modes. Additionally, it provides various customization options and is easy to use. A variety of batting and bowling styles are available to you as well. It is an outstanding game in terms of graphic design and sound effects. Modded versions come with unlimited money, unlocked tournaments, and no advertisements. So, now is the time to download Real Cricket 22 Unlimited Money and gems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to download Real Cricket 22?
You can download the game’s original version from the play store/App store, or you can also use the download link on our website for the modified version.

How to increase XP in Real Cricket 22?
Playing Tournament Mode Games will earn you Multiple Experience Points. Further, you can also earn them through daily missions, quests, and Online Multiplayer Mode.

How to unlock all tournaments in Real Cricket 22?
You must play all tournament levels in the official game version to unlock all tournaments. However, playing the Real Cricket 22 Apk Mod version game, all tournaments automatically unlocked without struggling.

What's new

4 New Stadiums
15 New Bowling Animations
New Premium Shots
New Replay System
New player injury cutscene
New Tournament - RCPL24 with new jerseys and home and away feature/cutscene
Updated Squads and Fixtures
Updated Auction
New Multiplayer Season
Critical Bug Fixes
Stability enhancements


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