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Mad Skills BMX 2 has finally arrived! See why Mad Skills games have been installed more than 40 million times worldwide by action sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, and casual gamers alike.
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It is a well-known fact that sports games provide players with many exciting experiences they cannot miss. If you are an enthusiast of sports games that offer a variety of challenges, Mad Skills BMX 2 is the game for you. The Mad Skills BMX 2 Mod Apk latest version is a 3D bike racing game in which you compete against your opponents on creative tracks. The gameplay involves completing exciting missions to reach higher levels and become a bike master. Further, using this modified version, you gain free access to the premium features such as premium bikes, money, gold, rockets, no ads, and everything.

mad skills bmx 2

Hence, instantly download the Mad Skills BMX 2 modified version and start racing on beautiful tracks. Also, play combinations and stunts with your superbikes while enjoying changing graphic locations. Mad Skills BMX 2 continues to captivate gamers with captivating visuals and realistic physics.

What Is Mad Skills BMX 2?

Mad Skills BMX 2 is a popular bike racing game where you have to beat your opponents at different levels. It is the regular version of the game, and it is free. Turborilla has developed and produced the second installment of Mad Skills BMX. Additionally, there are over 40 million installations. Professional athletes, Casual players, and action sports enthusiasts love this game. It’s an action racing game with multiple tracks that test your skills and sanity.

A game like this is a perfect choice for adventure racing fans. Gameplay, graphics, and handling are some things players praise about this game. The game Mad Skills BMX 2 is free; however, upgrades are expensive. Alternatively, players can wait for enough money to buy them. Alternatively, you can download Mad Skills BMX 2, All unlocked, to get unlimited gold, coins, and rockets.


In this game, you take on the role of a BMX rider aspiring to become the best. Performing a jump is as simple as tapping the UP button, and sliding down the track is as easy as tapping or holding the DOWN button. It’s a race against others. You can compete against the boss when you defeat the riders. As you ride against the boss riders of certain areas, your riding experience will increase.

Among the other modes are multiplayer 1v1, multiplayer Jam tournaments, and many others. The game mimics real-life physics scenarios. Players must choose the right bike and upgrade components in this challenging game. Finding your bike’s weak spots and upgrading its components will help you win. You may need to upgrade your bike’s suspension and grip when riding up steep hills.

Beginners will enjoy it, but high-level players will find it challenging. Mastering wheelies, stoppies, front flips, and backflips are key to success. Ensure the graphics setting is set to high, and enjoy the game.

Amazing Tips

Get expert tips on handling your bike in Mad Skills BMX 2 with these amazing tips!

  1. Every time you defeat a boss, you can unlock the next bike. So, keep cash in hand for a new bike.
  2. Missing a boost or taking a hill the wrong way will result in a rapid loss of speed. Observe where they jump and which hills to avoid.
  3. If you require more cash, neglect the career mode for a while and use the quick-play mode instead.
  4. Hold the crouch button in mid-air to drop faster. It is a helpful trick if you’re flying too high and want to avoid a downward slope.

Top Features

The game would have no meaning without great features. It’s no different here. Look at all the amazing features Mad Skills BMX 2 offers when downloading it for Android.

top nine features of mad skills bmx 2

Repeating Levels

In Mad Skills BMX 2, you can repeat a level an unlimited amount of times. With this feature, players can overcome the game’s difficulty curve. Most players have difficulty upgrading their bikes to overcome the difficulty levels they just unlocked. Repeating certain levels will accumulate coins easily, so you won’t get stuck in a loop.

Awesome Customization

Collecting game currency unlocks different bikes in this game. Moreover, it offers upgrade and customization options. A bike upgrade will allow you to alter the appearance of your bike. But purchasing new bike rims, skins, paint, etc., requires the accumulation of coins and gold. So, play perfectly to win gold and money, which you can use to unlock more bikes.

Multiplayer Mode

BMX 2 Mad skills allow you to challenge players from around the world. Compete against pro players and showcase your skills to enjoy this game more and more. Thus, Multiplayer Mod enhances the excitement and fun of the game.

Mad Skills BMX 2 MOD Menu

The menu store of Mad Skills BMX 2 provides unlimited money, gold, bikes, and rockets. Further, there is no limit to the number of gear, riders, and bikes you can use. Spending any money on it is not necessary. It is free to access all these premium items. Moreover, the game is free from advertisements. Install this Android Mod and enjoy.

Unlock All Bikes

Mad Skills BMX 2 features seven beautiful and exciting bikes. These bikes are initially locked, but coins unlock them. A modified game version lets you switch between these 7 different and exciting bikes. Consequently, you won’t get bored riding one type of bike. The game is more engaging and captivating as you ride continually energizing and electrifying bikes.

mad skills bmx 2 unlock all bikes

Unlimited Money & Gold

Mad Skills BMX 2 offers a variety of bikes, but some require you to pay a certain amount to upgrade. Some players don’t have more money to spend. Thus, here is a Mad Skills BMX 2 Unlimited Money and Gold version to help you. With Mad Skills BMX 2 Unlimited Money, it is possible to purchase bicycles or any other premium items for free.

Unlimited Rockets

A rocket is similar to a booster that speeds up your bike temporarily. In this game, rockets are extremely rare. In some races, rockets are essential to victory. As a result, this mod allows the use of unlimited rockets. Launch rockets as often as you like and win.

Everything Unlocked

Purchasing the premium game pack is the only way to acquire paints and gears. Consequently, it requires the expenditure of real money. However, in the Mad Skills BMX 2 Cheats, all premium items are unlocked for free.

No Ads

The presence of advertisements during the playing process annoys us. Sometimes we get frustrated. Ads hinder the enjoyment of time. However, you may feel at ease with this. A single advertisement will not appear. Having no interruptions allows you to enjoy your game fully.

Download and Install

Mad Skills BMX 2 is available from the Apple iTunes App Store for iOS devices and the Play Store for Android devices. In addition, it comes in a very handy package size of only 241 MB with an appealing graphic design and interactive gameplay. It’s a game you shouldn’t miss if you love speed and competition! Download Mad Skills BMX 2, unlock all bikes, and experience racing’s thrills through your veins!

Final Thoughts

The Mad Skills BMX 2 Hack is one of the most captivating and engaging games. The game is free, and you can play it on your smartphone without interruption. In addition, it does not require an internet connection; you may also play it offline. The game involves a great deal of bike riding. The game allows you to switch between 7 different bikes, so you’ll never get bored. Those who enjoy arcade racing will find this game of interest. So, download Mad Skills BMX 2 Cracked Apk now and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to hack Mad Skills BMX 2?
Mad Skills BMX 2 Hack is now available on our website. With this hack, you can obtain unlimited game resources for free once you have downloaded it from our website.

How to get free gold on Mad Skills BMX 2?
Mad Skills BMX 2 rewards its players with gold when they complete all the challenges. In contrast, the Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk Mod version of the game provides unlimited gold without any effort on the player’s part.

How to do a backflip in Mad Skills BMX 2?
Getting backflips requires playing Career mode. After reaching the first “Backflip Challenge” track, the backflip button becomes available. Using the backflip button lets, you do a backflip. As you hold it longer, you will do more backflips. To perform front and back flips, you must pedal the accelerator and brake in the same ratio.

What's new

+ Bug fixes and performance improvements
+ Select your age in the game


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