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Rhythm is a fun way to remember the most precious moments of the year. Let's MUSIC your soul's beat with some hit songs.
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Magic Tiles 3 by AMANOTES PTE LTD is an easy-to-play music game combining musical symphonies and fast-paced tapping. The tiles move across the screen while the music is playing in the background. Accordingly, it would be best to win correctly by ping the respective tiles per the music. Download the latest version Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK VIP all songs unlocked and unlimited lives. Moreover, The game has all the hottest songs from Big Bang, Justin Bieber, Blackpink, BTS, and other artists. So start your journey to become the best piano master with your music.

magic piano cheats

Furthermore, you can get all the unblocked premium features and obtain VIP access to the game with the mod. You can have all the unlocked and unlimited items and rewards for free. This link will also lead you to the Toca Life World Mod educational game.

Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3 Latest Version is the official game available on the Google Playstore. Essentially, it contains all the average features of the game that are viewable in the free game. You can play the free missions and songs and participate in competitions to get awesome prizes and unlock newer songs on the list.

However, in the modded version, you can use all the functions of a paid premium game. Thus, you can activate the VIP mode and get unlimited songs, lives, and rewards.


Magic Tiles 3 is a casual piano-stylized game and a part of the famous and popular Magic Tile game series. Developed in 2014 by AMANOTES game developers, it has over 120M+ users worldwide and is the #1 Top Free Music game in the rankings. The simple game involves black and white-colored tiles that move across the screen with the music.

You must accurately click on the black tiles with the song’s beats to win. In addition, you can uncover brand new songs and get VIP pass to play newer melodies. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a Beatstar App guide with an app file for the respective, you can find it through the highlighted link.

Download and Install

Magic Piano 3 hack is a fun mobile piano tile game in which you can play amazing melodies with just a click of a button. It is a top game globally with global players and users. Furthermore, with the help of the hacked, you can use all the premium functions of the game to get Unlocked Songs and VIP Access, Unlimited Lives, Money, and Everything for free. Hurry and download the game now to enjoy all the benefits.

Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK VIP Unlocked

How To Download And Install (Latest Version)

The game is appropriate for both Android and iOS phones. Thus, you can download and install the game using the link below.

  1. Download the file “Magic Tiles 3 Mod.”
  2. In ‘Settings,’ allow third-party access.
  3. Open the file and start the process.
  4. After successful installation, open the game and enjoy.

Top Features

Magic Tiles 3 is a musical arcade game where you need to click the black tiles and avoid the white ones as they move across the screen with the music. With over 1000+ symphonies and songs, you can have fun with the exciting game. Also, you can participate in online events and challenges to win unique rewards and uncover new songs and music.

top fourteen features of magic tiles 3

Simplistic Controls

Even if you are new to the game, you won’t face any problems in playing the game. Because the game uses relatively simple and easy controls with a touch screen function that you can quickly learn and master in no time. Please tap on the black tiles as they move across the screen and avoid the white tiles. So, if this is your first time, don’t worry and enjoy.

Stunning Symphonies

Additionally, the game contains all kinds of music that you can choose from. Various artists and composers have both songs, music, and symphonies. In the latest update, you can even play KPOP songs that are trending nowadays.

Diverse Gaming Modes

The game features 4 diverse modes within the gameplay. Thus, you can opt to play the Challange, Band, Battle, and Custom modes in the game. Meaning, you can face off against other players and play various other instruments of your choosing.

Challenges And Achievements

To make the gameplay more exciting, you can participate in many missions, challenges, and events to gain unique rewards, such as unlocked songs and money to make the gameplay more exciting. Moreover, there are also daily bonus rewards that you can claim when you play the game every day.

Themes And Customizations

Another interesting thing about the gameplay is changing the theme and customizing it to your preference. There are numerous designs for the background and the tiles that you can pick to create a unique experience. Also, you can add special effects to the game, making it even more wonderful.

Offline/Online Gameplay

Suppose you’re playing an offline game that doesn’t require an internet or Wi-Fi connection. However, you can also play the online version to battle other gamers.

Single-Player & Multiplayer Mode

Generally, you can play the game anywhere you want without an internet connection in single-player mode. But, if you wish to compete against others in the battle mode, you can use the multiplayer mode easily.

Magic Tiles 3 MOD Menu

Magic Tiles 3 is the modded version of the actual game and consists of all the hacked cheat codes and unlocked items. Thus, you can play the game with unlimited boundaries and acquire unblocked money, songs, and lives for free.

Magic Piano Unlimited Money And Free Shopping

Using the, you can quickly get Unlimited Money in the game. You can easily buy all the locked items and songs with this money. Further, you can access Free Shopping with boundless money.

Magic Tiles 3 All Songs Unlocked

All the songs are initially locked in the original game; you must play the previous songs and win to unlock them. But, with the help of the hacked game, you can get all the Unlocked Songs in a single step. And you don’t need to waste any effort.

Unlimited Lives

Initially, you have just a handful of lives in the game. If you lose a challenge, you will lose a life, and after all the lives run out, you need to wait to cool down and regain your life. On the other hand, the mod game gives you Unlimited Lives in the cheat version. Now, you can play to your heart’s content without worry.

Unlocked VIP Access

The game features a VIP section with special songs and melodies that you can only unlock with a premium VIP pass. You can get this pass through the in-app store and purchase it with money. However, with the modded game, you can access the VIP mode for free.

No Ads

Undoubtedly, all free games have adverts that the developers use to generate revenue. But, all the flashy ads and pop-ups in the gameplay become extremely annoying and distract the gamer from playing the game. Therefore, to eliminate this issue, the hack features Ad-Free gameplay.

Magic Tiles 3 Old Version

Currently, you can download the latest version, Magic Tiles, from the Wired website. But, if you want to play the older version of the game and can’t find a suitable source, you can use the links below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the world record for Magic Tiles 3?
The player ‘HeavyAir’ is the world record holder in the game with 2,611,806 points.

How to get free songs on Magic Tiles 3?
To get free songs, you need to install the hacked version of the game on your mobile device and unlock all the songs.

What is the fastest song in Magic Tiles 3?
‘Happy Christmas Children’ is the 14th song in the VIP mode and is considered the fastest song in the game.

How many songs are in Magic Tiles 3?
The game has a wide variety of songs and symphonies that number over 1000 songs in total.


Magic Tiles 3 is a musical arcade game that provides an addictive experience with simplistic gameplay and exciting music. You can play multiple distinct songs within the game, such as pop, EDM, classic symphonies, rap, instrumental, jazz, and KPOP. You will enjoy Big Bang, Justin Bieber, Blackpink, BTS, and other artists. You can also use the money to unlock new music for extended gameplay and get VIP songs. Additionally, you can obtain unlimited and unlocked items, including Money, Lives, and Songs, free of cost using the cheats game.

What's new

- Optimize game performance and fix bugs


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