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Give your dull moments the best time-killing game that gives you not only enjoyment but also satisfaction.
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Hempire Apk is an interesting plant-growing simulation game for Android. The game aims at creating a genuine empire where you can cultivate and sell cannabis. If you are fond of construction simulation games, Hempire is the best choice for you. Don’t get late to download the Hempire mod apk unlimited money to buy weeds and expand your business.

hempire mod apk unlimited money

Hempire mod apk is among the famous game mods for Android weed-growing games. It adds to your enjoyment by offering you many interesting features for free. The players have to grow different varieties of cannabis, make their extracts, and trade to real customers. Also, you can start from a small weed field and progress to a prospering canna-business using the Hempire strategy. You can also explore another simulation game, Idle Police Tycoon Mod Apk, where you can live like a police officer.

Top Features

The Hempire game features versatile options for you. It has so many fascinating features that you never have a feeling of passing the time while playing. Following is a list of some of the most prominent features which the game has to offer:

Grow Your Empire

In the Hempire, the game offers you to do a super-profitable business, i.e., growing Hashish. Here, you get a chance to cultivate Hashish, earn a profit by selling it, and eventually build a hemp empire. Hempire upgrades enable you to expand your empire by recruiting more workers, expanding your field, and enhancing product quality. If you do not focus on quality, your competitors will lead and reduce the chance of your prosperity.

Business Expansion

Although trading hemp makes a lot of money, you can think of other uses of hemp to make money. You can expand your business by making other products out of hemp, e.g., biscuits, fast foods, drinks, etc. In this way, your customers will increase, and ultimately, your business will enlarge. Moreover, The game Idle Mafia MOD may be a good choice if you are searching for an action-simulation game based on expanding your business. Check it out through this link, and do not forget to leave a comment.

Research And Learning

The Hempire game also helps you reveal the scientist inside you. If you want your hemp empire to thrive, do more research in your laboratory. Moreover, you can discover better quality weeds and also breed different varieties to get a novel variety.

Become A Tycoon

When your hemp business becomes well-established, you can also invest your money in other businesses. You can either invest your money in real estate or design a town to make a hempire fully upgraded city. Also, you will sell your weeds in populated areas to increase your sales.

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Tipps And Tricks

Here are some valuable tips to help you proceed with the game:

  • Use shortcut buttons on your screen to get quick access to your lab, farm, and home.
  • Water the cannabis plants at regular intervals to increase your yield.
  • Focus on the offers that provide you items instead of money.
  • Regulate the temperature of the environment and grow your plants in ideal conditions.

Hempire MOD Menu

The latest version of Hempire has a lot of things unlimited and free for you. The Hempire game Cheats offer you the following mod features:

  • Unlocked VIP mode
  • Unlimited keys
  • Endless Karma
  • Unlimited credit and cash
  • Unlimited fertilizer and money
  • No ads
  • Infinite homes

Unlimited Keys

The key currency to unlock new chapters and stories in the game is the keys. You have to exchange diamonds to earn keys in the official version of hempire. The modded version of Hempire removes this difficulty and offers you keys for free.

Infinite Homes

In the official hempire version, you earn money by completing various levels. You need money to upgrade your house, renovation and beautify your city. For this purpose, Hempire provides you unlimited money for free. Download Hempire for iOs to enjoy this amazing feature!

Plant Growing Gameplay

In the gameplay, you have to run a business of weeds and earn profit from it. While playing the game for the first time, the game provides you with instructions regarding the planting and growing weeds. When the weeds are ripe enough, find possible clients for trading and enlarge your business Empire. The instructions are very simple, and all you need is to read them and click the related function. Also, go to the following link and get the free Car Simulator 2 Mod game for more fun and car simulation gameplay.

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In this virtual weed growing game, you also have to do laboratory research to discover the best quality weeds. Also, you can combine different weed species for a better quality product. Just like any other business, you have to satisfy and please your customers to earn more profit. Please beware of the strategies of your competitors in the market, and don’t let them prosper.

You can reinvest the profit in buying seeds for new varieties or enlarging your field. When your cultivation farm expands, there will be more yield, more buyers, and more profit. It will improve your reputation in the market, and many people will like to partner with you. In short, the hempire-plant growing game offers versatile activities on a single program.

Download and Install

Enjoy the construction simulation game hempire – plant growing game and start the most profitable business worldwide. Download hempire modded to get unlimited money, cash, and many more features for free. Hempire cheats help you in the game and boost your gameplay. The latest version is equally compatible with iOs, Android, and PC.

hempire download

How To Download And Install For Android/iOS

If you want to become a king of the hemp empire, install hempire mode using the following guide:

  1. Remove the Play Store version of the hempire app from your device if you have it earlier.
  2. Tap the URL provided on our website to install this amazing weed planting game.
  3. Permit installation from all sources in security settings.
  4. Install hempire by following the instructions given on-screen.

Last Words

To sum up, Hempire gives you a chance to become a business tycoon by developing a cannabis business. You can buy and sell weeds, create new hybrids in your laboratory. Also, you can make a cannabis enterprise or invest in other businesses. Furthermore, this Hempire offers you a chance to expand your business without any restriction. Stop waiting and download this mod for amazing content.

Give your dull moments the best time-killing game that gives you not only enjoyment but also satisfaction. You have to be very careful while expanding your business because it is a risky business. Beware of local police officers and illegal business people and don’t let them thrive. Download Hempire hack game mod for PC and enjoy being a tycoon of a cannabis enterprise!


If you encounter any problem or query regarding the installing procedure of Hempire, comment us below. Our team is waiting to receive your valuable feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Hindu kush on Hempire?
The Hindu Kush is an important weed in the Hempire game. You can get Hindu kush by breeding Northern lights and Chemdawg strains.

Is Hempire mod apk safe to play?
Yes, the Hempire mod is safe to play and free from any contamination. Our team scans it for viruses and bugs.

How to gain money in Hempire mod apk?
In Hempire mod apk, you will get unlimited money for free. You need to download and install this game mod.

What's new

* Bug fixes! Because the only good bug is a dead bug!
* Server improvements! Now uses 50% less duct tape.
* Improved performance so you can play harder and longer!


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