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Are you curious to explore and enjoy the life of a gangster once? Dude Theft Wars is an enjoyable game to get you into the fun-filled actions of gangsters. Download the latest version of Dude Theft Wars Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Unlock All Characters now. You will find a physics-based action-sandbox game with funny ragdoll physics in Dude Theft wars: Open world Sandbox Simulator BETA. It has an offline games mode, and there is also an online multiplayer game mode with action games, cool games & relaxing games.

dude theft wars multiplayer mod apk

Jack is in the house at the start of Dude Theft Wars New Update. Click the icon present on the left corner of the screen to come out of the house. After that, buy a new vehicle from duber. The only thing you have to bear is ads. If you want to get any new item, you have to see an ad before receiving it. Roam around the town with powerful weapons, get into vehicles and take part in gunfights. Moreover, you can also get the Brawl Stars Mod Apk game from here and post your feedback.

What is Dude Theft Wars?

Dude Theft Wars is an action simulator published by Poxel Studios. Here, you will come up with almost all elements, from simple things to weapons. Your main aim in the game is to tease the people with every effort. Don’t worry if you don’t have a weapon; you can use your hand to slap or hit someone. If you want idle amusement, you can download this game so that you can do every type of exciting action with just a single click on the screen.

Gameplay and Guide

The story begins when you join Jack, a typical fellow in Dude-o-polis. He is a hysterical boy, but he thinks that he is unbeatable. As a result, he realizes some ways to change his life. He has also trained many people to join his gang. For this purpose, he intends to start a great journey in the sandbox world. This is a vast world having different enjoyable things. The gameplay of Dude Theft Wars Cheat revolves around this city where you roam with Jack.

You can do different activities while roaming, such as punching someone, grabbing weapons, using vehicles, and running on the streets to stay away from the police who are continuously chasing you. This street racing and weapon shooting will surely be an awesome experience. If nobody is in the house, you can steal everything from the house or even you can destroy the house. The items in this game have played a key role in making this game more exciting.

Tips and Tricks

Tap the Arrow keys to move your character in the desired direction. Use the Attack button at the bottom-right of the screen to shoot others. Click on the clock to change the pace of your game. Use Duber to get yourself a new vehicle like a bike, car, etc. Try to play minigames to get various new interesting items in your free time.

Top Features

Dude Theft Wars Hack is a game based on the virtual world. The virtual world is where people arrive to amuse themselves with different supernatural elements. Sandbox is a genre of these virtual world games. The purpose of these games is to make the players more productive and ductile. Here are some features of this virtual game.

top nine features of dude theft wars

Open World Sandbox City

In this game, you will explore an open-world sandbox city with plenty of unique items. This game is a casual shooter, fighting, and racing game. Wander in the whole city and explore different interactions in it.

Shooting Actions

Shoot your enemies with powerful weapons and unleash your shooting skills. These fighting and shooting actions are in first-person view and have similarities with the Six Guns game. Simple controls and mechanisms let you enjoy the shooting more in Dude Theft Wars Iron Man.

Destructive Weapons and Explosives

Buy destructive weapons and explosives and use them on your enemies. For this purpose, go to the weapon shop and buy the type of weapon you want. Each weapon contains its own shooting experience. For more destructive fighting, you can use melee weapons as well. Grenades can also be thrown in a crowded place for more destruction.

Various Vehicles and Cities

For easy roaming in the city, you can use any type of car. If you want to check the vehicles, you can travel in them, such as alien UFOs, dragsters, skateboards, shopping carts, etc. And if you are not interested in driving, you can also order dUber trips, having a good experience. As your level increases in the game, you can also explore different cities. This exploration gives you better experiences.

Ragdoll Physics

Your excitement and interest increase when you interact with roly-poly characters in Dude Theft Wars Crack. These characters have different but engrossing appearances. As this game is apart from reality, the ragdoll physics lets you have more fun.

Capture Moments

If you want to save your exciting moments and stunts as a remembrance in the future, you can capture these moments easily. For convenience in this regard, you can also add slow-motion effects that will make your capture easier. Moreover, you can take selfies with these roly-poly characters.

Dude Theft Wars Mod Menu

Dude Theft Wars Unblocked is the latest version providing unlimited features such as unlimited money, health, etc. Moreover, Dude Theft Wars God Mode enables you to become a God so that you can rule everything according to your will. This version is so designed to increase the attraction of the game. If you get this, you will be able to gain the following advantages:

Unlimited Health, Money, and Unlock Richie

Health is a major element of this game. If you have health, it means you have everything. If your health is damaged, you can’t do anything. Dude Theft Wars Unlimited Health and Unlock Richie provides you with infinite health to continue your game in every situation.

Unlock All Characters

This game is based on roly-poly characters. These characters have their unique appearances and abilities. Dude Theft Wars Unlock All Characters gives you all these characters already unlocked so that you can use any of them at any time.

Download and Install

Nowadays, everyone wants to stay idle, but entertainment is a part of life. If you want an excellent form of idle entertainment, Download the Dude Theft Wars Unlimited Gun Latest Version for free. The game is adaptable with Android, iOs, and PC. Let’s explore this article to know some more about this admirable game.

You can play funny games, physics-based games, cool games, and ragdoll games in this open-world platformer. With its offline story mode, you’ll have access to a large open-world map with good graphics & relaxing games, fun and action-packed missions & cool online multiplayer options.

How To Download and Install?

Dude Theft Wars game allows you to drive cars, fly planes, and play action games in the city. You can ride a bike in the funny open-world games or take a helicopter ride in the cool open-world games. Whenever you hit a dude, he will ricochet in the air like a ragdoll game & the police will chase you. Please these steps for game installation.

  1. Enable app installation from sources other than Play Store.
  2. Download the required file from the URL present below.
  3. This file will be downloaded in the File Manager.
  4. Open this file and install Dude Theft Wars iOS.


Dude Theft Wars is similar to GTA and rockstar games, yet it has some improvements. The difference is that the GTA games have a huge size compared to this game. Controls and graphics are also improved with Joystick controls enough to control your chibi character. The wonderful thing is that there are no limitations in the game. Enjoy whatever you like around you with the Dude Theft Wars Crack!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Unlimited Money in Dude Theft Wars?
Typically you have to complete certain quests to earn money in the game. However, the Dude Theft Wars mod gives you unlimited money, increasing spending rather than decreasing.

How to Unlock Chad Dude Theft Wars?
It is not difficult to unlock Chad Dude Theft Wars. You need to download and install the hacked Apk to unlock everything in the game.

How to Unlock Richie in Dude Theft Wars?
Get the latest version of Dude Theft Wars Cheats to unlock Richie easily. The modded update of this game is available on our webpage.

How to get the helicopter in Dude Theft Wars?
You can get a helicopter in Dude Theft Wars by using cheat codes or playing mini-games. But you will get the helicopter and all other things for free in Dude Theft Hack.

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