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Block Craft 3D is an arcade simulation game in which you build a village and provide various amenities for its residents. Become a village chief, and make various widgets. Additionally, you will encounter fun game challenges to explore these beautiful locations. Therefore, if you desire to relive your childhood memories, you should download the Block Craft 3D Mod Apk unlimited diamond and coins with a free purchase game. Additionally, the game-modified version offers unlimited money, coins, and blocks, allowing you to score high very easily.

block craft 3d

The goal of this addictive puzzle game is to surpass your friends’ scores and set new records. As a result of Block Craft 3D: Building Game three-dimensional graphics, it stands apart from other games.

What Is Block Craft 3D?

An online simulation game similar to Minecraft, where you can build a village and make a 3D map. People who like to create and explore will enjoy this free game from Fun Games. It is easy to download Block Craft 3D games from the internet. The block craft 3D game is available for free download.

The game is highly rated on the internet, with many positive reviews. Block crafting 3D game requires you to follow the rules and regulations. Also, some items in the game are paid for, so you must purchase them. However, downloading Block Craft 3D unlimited gems and money lets you use all the premium features for free.


Upon starting Block Craft 3D, you will go through a tutorial that teaches you how to play. Your character can move the camera angle, jump, build, and remove blocks. After completing that step, you’ll go over how to build. The first step is to complete the well. Just fill up the space with the necessary blocks to complete the well.

Next, you build the hut. After you finish the tutorial, you will also learn how to build workshops, huts, etc. Buildings are available from the Build menu when you click it. Some of these features will unlock during the tutorial. However, some will require you to spend in-game cash or resources.

Further, select a structure and fill in the empty spaces. To instantly complete them, purchase gems. Villagers will populate your village after you build enough structures. It’s all about building the best village or city. Other players can also visit them, so you should do your best.

Tips And Tricks

It’s a straightforward game where you drop blocks to build things. Once you reach a few levels, you will find that certain tips will speed up your progress.

  1. Going sightseeing is more enjoyable if you fly. It becomes more enthralling as you build more structures in your village or visit others.
  2. Flying is a game perk many don’t like to pay for, so watch the ads to get 2 to 20 jewels. Ad rewards aren’t comparable to paying real money for 500+ gems.
  3. Green crystals allow you to finish a building instantly if you don’t want to place each block separately. It is more economical to demolish old buildings to build new ones.
  4. Build buildings to earn experience points. Meanwhile, you’re creating those that will make you money. The more you construct XP-earning buildings, the more new buildings you’ll unlock.

Top Features

After a brief overview of this Block Craft 3D, all unlocked, let’s examine its features to understand the application better.

top seven features of block craft 3d

Build A Village

In block craft 3D games, you are the main character responsible for caring for your people. Make use of free land to construct your village. If your village does not have all the amenities, it will not grow. Further, there are parks, towers, offices, bakeries, hospitals, shops, and other useful buildings. Also, you can build farms to raise animals, like goats, chickens, and cows. Consider your town creatively when planning.

Diverse Characters

Various characters are available to choose from when playing Block Craft 3D games. There are different specialties for every character in this game. You’ll have trouble building your village without good players. First, you must construct a farm, and then you can purchase animals and put them on your farm. The game has some locked characters, so play well to unlock them or download the mod version.

Block Craft 3D MOD Menu

Having a lot of features and items makes Block Craft 3D a big game. The standard game version allows you to unlock many items and features, but it takes time. To unlock new items, you only need to select items from the Block Craft mod menu, so you will not have to exert too much effort. Further, the Block Craft 3D Hack allows you to use any item or block craft features without permission.

Unlimited Money & Gems

Block Craft 3D is a big game since you need coins and diamonds to buy things to build your village. Earning these things takes time in the standard version. However, the Block Craft 3D unlimited gems and money gives players free coins and unlimited levels. You won’t need to earn diamonds or coins because you’ll get unlimited ones when you play the mod version. So, the money and gems are now yours to spend on your village.

Unlimited Blocks And Coins

The game contains 11 types of blocks, each of which serves a specific purpose. You can create floors, furniture, surroundings, and even familiar pets with them. The pixelated world allows you to construct incredible gadgets and buildings. Build your skills as a construction professional during the game. With the Block Craft 3D unlimited blocks, you have to build your imagination buildings and play continuously.

block craft 3d unlimited gems

Unlock Everything & Free Shopping

Some tools in block craft 3D games are paid for, so if you want to use them, you must spend money. However, the Block craft 3D crack game includes a free shopping feature, so you won’t have to pay anything. There are no restrictions on building your village with infinite blocks, money, and gems. Thus, many people enjoy the mod version of this crafting game.

No Ads

If you want to avoid advertisements while playing this block craft 3D, you must buy the game without ads. Don’t worry; the mod version fixes this. A block craft 3D cheats game that removes ads for free is an awesome feature that you’ll get for free. You won’t find any ads with the mod version, so playing this game won’t interrupt you.

Download and Install

Build your city with blocks craft 3d unlimited blocks and diamonds to add new features as you think of them. The free interactive construction game will keep you occupied for hours. You will never get bored with this game since it has so many fascinating features. It is more than you can imagine. Additionally, you can also unlock exciting mini-games. Once you start playing, you can’t stop. Let your creativity run wild and build a city from scratch. So, download Block Craft 3D unlock fly mode, and get relaxed.


The game Block Craft 3D is a sandbox with similar themes as Minecraft, but it is completely free. Play with in-game animals and build different structures in this virtual open world. Also, multiplayer allows players to visit each other’s buildings which is fun. Imagination will run wild with so many options.

Moreover, playing the game is engaging for children who can creatively envision cities. Build your world with this app. Also, playing the game allows them to create worlds and add animals. It’s never too late to create and explore this virtual world.


Block Craft 3D unlimited everything version is a highly enjoyable and impressive game offering many benefits. The game allows you to build a village and place multiple items. Further, the user interface and graphics of the game contribute greatly to its quality. It also enables everyone to relive their childhood when their imaginations were unrestrained. Take Block Craft 3D to the next level if you are starting to feel artistic. So, download the Block Craft 3D free shopping version and let us know your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Block Craft 3D free and safe?
Block Craft 3D is a very safe and free application to download. Hence, you do not have to pay anything to download or install this game.

Is Block Craft 3D an online game?
It is a free and creative building game based on Minecraft that is available online and offline.

Is Block Craft 3D multiplayer?
Yes, it is a multiplayer game. Sharing this game with your friends will allow you to enjoy it together. In addition, the game allows players to compete against each other globally.

How to get gems in Block Craft 3D?
Block Craft 3D’s mod version provides unlimited diamonds as a free bonus, so you’ll need to download this version to get them.

How to level up in Block Craft 3D?
To level up and earn experience, you need to build. You will gain more “XP” and level-ups as you build more.

What's new

We update the game regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available features. Thanks for playing Block Craft!


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