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Download BitLife Mod APK Unlimited Money casual life simulation game with god mode and bitizenship and time machine. In this exciting game, you can become anyone you want to be. For example, you can go through life as a good and kind-hearted person succeeding in life, or you can do the total opposite and dive into a life of crime and evil. Imagine a new and interesting world where your choices and actions can lead you to unexplored paths in life. Join now and get fresh experiences in the game of life with the best pretend game available.

Download Bit Life Simulator hack Game

Will you strive to become a model citizen before you die by choosing all of the right choices? Apart from getting married and having children, you may also be able to get a good education. Moreover, you can get a Spaceflight Simulator game and enjoy space life through rockets travels.

Top Features

BitLife is a single-player simulation game based on the real-life activities of an individual. In summary, you can do anything you can think of within the game’s framework. First, you have to create a character to your specifications and then choose the path that you want to take in life. Indulge in hobbies, go to parties, start a career, and find love in this make-believe world. Take care of your character’s needs by monitoring the game’s looks, happiness, smarts, and health gauge.

top sixteen features of bitlife

Be Anyone you Want

In the beginning, the game gives you the option to choose from three different characters. After choosing the one you want, you can begin playing the game. Later, you can customize your character by picking your name, gender, place of birth, and even your appearance. You can also create a random character in the game. Further, here is a suggestion, Download and play the Infinite Flight Simulator game and post your honest feedback in the comments.

Education and Carrer Opportunities

The game features a vast variety of schooling and job opportunities that you can opt for. The education from primary to high school is free of cost, after which you have to pay tuition to go to university and graduate school. Similarly, there are also specialty schools for certain professions such as Business, Dental, Medical, Law, Nursing, Veterinary, and Pharmacy School.

Education and Profession go hand in hand. After completing your degree, you can join one of many careers related to your field. In contrast, you have the freedom to choose other jobs like modelling, circus, music, dance, etc.

Interact with NPCs

You can forge relationships and interact with NPCs, non-player characters throughout the game. Further, you can have conversations, go to the movies, and even argue with them. Keep in mind that you must have regular socializing with them to keep your happiness and social skills .100%. Otherwise, they may become your enemies, and you will lose any contact with them in the future.

Perform Everyday Activities

Like real-life situations, you can also do many basic activities in the gameplay. There are many diverse hobbies like book reading, gym, sports, meditating, playing instruments, martial arts, and even singing. You can also apply for your driving, aeroplane, and boating license by taking tests. Also, you can get The Sims FreePlay Apk free of cost from this link.

An interesting feature of the game is that you can invest your money, buy houses and cars, and get an inheritance from your family. Therefore, manage your assets carefully to get filthy rich and experience the game through the life of a millionaire.

Love and Family

The main essence of life is human interaction, and what better way to mimic this than to find love in your life. You can find your soulmate in the game through either dating apps or a chance encounter. Go on romantic dates and build a relationship and get married to that special someone in the future. You can even start your small family through natural birth or adoption. In addition, you can keep pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and snakes.

Traveling and Vacation

If you get tired of the daily grind of life, then take a break. Go on international vacations and cruises. You can go alone or bring your family with you. But, be careful because they can easily get expensive.

Gambling and Crime

Another way to make easy money is through the lottery, casinos, horse racing, and gambling. You can buy tickets using your money. Test your luck and pray that you win the bet or lose your money in this game of chance.

Other common activities in the game are shoplifting, stealing, car theft, and assault. However, criminal acts are punishable, and you can be fined or sentenced to prison.

Time Machine

A premium function of the game is that you can undo death. Thus, if you become ill and die prematurely or have a fatal accident, you can easily use the time travel option to reverse your death.

Draft your Will and Surrender

The game lets you write a will to determine the distribution of your assets and money after your death. As a result, you can opt to divide it equally between your children, give it to only one child, or donate your entire fortune to charity.

Lastly, If you get tired of playing with the current character, click the surrender button and end the current life. Afterward, you can start a brand new life as a different person.

BitLife Mod Menu

The mod menu allows all premium features unlocked, and you can fill the game wallet with Unlimited Money. Also, you can get god mod royalty with an ad-free gaming experience. Here are the Mod menu features.

Unlimited Money

In the beginning, when you start the game, you have no money. You can either ask your parents for an allowance or get a part-time job before you are old enough to get an actual full-time job to earn an average salary. However, this process is too long. So, if you want to become a millionaire, you can use the cheat code and get the game to obtain Unlimited Money.

Become a Bitizen

If you use real currency, you can access the premium membership and gain Bitizenship in the game. It is a type of citizenship in the gameplay to unlock special features. But, with the modded version, you can become a Bitizen for free.

Rigged Lottery

As you know, the lottery is a game of chance in which you either win or lose. Thus, in the game, you don’t know for certain if you will win money in the lottery. Therefore, the best way to beat the odds is through the hacked game, where you are the winner every time.

Unlock BitLife God Mode

The game features a god mode in which you can perform many locked actions and activities. Namely, you can interact with your school peers, talk to teachers, customize your family, change your looks, and use time travel. Therefore, the problem is that you can only unlock this mode if you pay a subscription fee. On the other hand, you can access the god mode by installing the mod game for free.


You can become a part of a royal family in the latest version. This feature is only applicable if your character is from Japan, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, or Kuwait. Using the hack, you can now join the noble bloodline.

No Ads and Promo Codes

If you play the game, you will notice that there are a lot of advertisements. They keep disrupting the gameplay and are just annoying. Hence, the best solution is to use the Bitlife Modded so that you can play ad-free.

The modified game allows you to use gift and promo codes to unlock special rewards and freebies. Thus, you can download the game file from the website to get these amazing benefits.


BitLife – Life Simulator, beta, is an offline game that accurately recreates human life. You can build your character from scratch, get the best education, and participate in various hobbies and activities. Furthermore, you can develop useful skills, establish a professional career, nurture relationships, search for love, join clubs, and begin your family.

bitlife simulator gameplay

Additionally, with the latest game upgrade, you can run for office, get elected president, and take the crown as a ruling monarch. Truly, this is the epitome of simulation games everywhere.

Tips And Tricks

We’ve gathered a few tips you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to BitLife. They are simple but have significant impacts on your life. Participation in a gym class, hobby, etc., is all worthwhile. Therefore, never limit your options.

Throughout your school years, choose to ‘study harder every year. Your career success relies on your ability to study hard. If you learn hard, you are more likely to earn a scholarship. You should always ensure the green bars at the bottom are filled and stay green.

Your parents have to lend you money early on in the game. Make sure you’re generous to the max to get more money. Your happiness will decrease for a while after you marry an older person. When they eventually die, you will receive a great deal of money. It’s a simple way to make extra money. These tips will help you get the most out of BitLife. Following them will make your game easier.

Download and Install

BitLife mod simulation game is a fantastic representation of life games and has become an online sensation worldwide. Experience the exciting gameplay and enjoy the storyline you can design to your liking. Moreover, you can use all cheats and get Unlimited Money and Unlocked God Mode and Royalty functions with the modded game. Consequently, you can become a Bitizen and play without Ads.

How to Download and Install Latest Version (Android/iOS/Pc)

You can play the game on Android and iOS, i.e., iPhone devices. It is not suitable for PCs as it is a mobile game but you can emulator for PCs playing. The method for the download and installation process is given in the steps below.

  1. Use the link given to download the game “Bitlife Mod.”
  2. On your phone, go to Settings and Allow third-party access.
  3. Click open the file and complete the installation procedure.
  4. Open the game and play.

Please remember to uninstall Bitlife by Candywriter, LLC Play Store version before installing the mod version.


With over 10M+ players, BitLife has become one of the most popular virtual life sim games. It paints a genuine picture of a person’s life where you can control your choices and make decisions that eventually shape your life. Besides, with the hacked game, you can free availed premium features. Don’t wait and download now to start your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the BitLife App?
The BitLife application is a mobile game simulation of life itself. You can become anyone you want and create a whole different life for yourself in the game.

How to get Bitizen for free?
If you want to get bitizenship in the game, you need to download the mod APK game to get the unlocked bitizen feature.

How to get god mode in BitLife?
God mode is only available to the premium members. However, you can install the hacked game to unlock the god mode for free.

How to get BitLife for free?
If you want to use the game for free, you should obtain the modded game and play it without spending any real money.

How to get BitLife on Android?
The mod game is suitable for Android phones, so you can easily play the game on your device. Just download it using the link given above.

How to use god mode in BitLife?
You can use the mod version of the game to avail the god mode in BitLife. In this way, you don’t need to get a paid subscription. You can use god mode to unlock various items.

How to update BitLife?
The Google Playstore has regular upgrades where you can update your game without any problem. But the modded version will update on our website.

How to edit yourself in BitLife?
Editing your appearance can cost you money. However, with the cheat version of the game, you can change your looks as many times as you want.

When is the royalty update coming to BitLife on Android?
The royalty update was made in September 2020 on Andriod. You can access this feature in the latest version of BitLife mod APK.

How to become a cop in BitLife?
You can choose any profession in the game. If you wish to become a police officer, you can go to Careers and click the Cadet (Police Department) option.

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