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Tank Stars Mod APK Unlimited Money is a shooting arcade-style game where you can shoot at your opponent using military tanks. You can use tanks to fire projectiles and missiles towards the rival tanks and destroy them on the battlefield. In the latest version, you can add upgrades and unlock cool weapons to level up your vehicle. Additionally, you can enter both PvE and PvP battles with unique fighting modes. So, get started on your action-filled journey with this amazing game.

table tanks hacked

Moreover, with the mod, you can get the premium features of the game unlocked and free of cost. As such, you can obtain various Unlocked and Unlimited game items and rewards. Furthermore, Cooking Madness MOD is also a trending arcade game, and you can get it from our website.

What is Tank Stars?

Tank Stars Download is the original game that you can download from the Apple or Google Playstore. With this game, you can accomplish all of the average game functions without spending money on the premium version. Meaning, you can play the fighting game with tanks and fire missiles and bombs at your enemy. You can even go online and use the multi-player mode to battle your friends. But, you have to take the game step by step and unlock them one by one.

On the other hand, using the modified game, you can instantly get all the unlocked features and obtain unlimited money and gems for free.

Top Features

Tank Stars is a casual action game just similar to Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk where you can use amazing tanks to launch enemy tanks on the battlefield. Also, in the latest upgrade, you can choose multiple tanks, add weapons and upgrades, and play the thrilling game modes.

top thirteen features of tank stars

Select A Tank

The game features various types of tanks that you can select. In the start, you have the basic tank, and you can add boosters and upgrades to it to increase its power and HP. Further, you can unlock new tanks with more firepower to become stronger with coins and gems.

Equip Weapons And Upgrades

To increase the fighting power of your tank, you can add weapons and upgrades. Hence, you can purchase these upgrades and weapons from the store. Also, you can collect cards to unlock certain missiles and nukes.

Fun Game Levels

There are many fun and exciting modes that you can play, such as VS Computer, VS Friend, Battles, and Tournaments. Thus, each mode provides a unique gaming experience with multiple levels and game styles. As such, you can fight other tanks and online battles to earn amazing rewards and coins.

Easy To Play

The game uses touch intuitive controls and is super easy to master in one try. At the start, you can follow the tutorial and learn the buttons and controls quickly. In total, there are three buttons. Therefore, two control the tank’s movement and the missile’s angle, and you can fire them using the third button on the screen.

Offline Gameplay Availability

Generally, the game is an offline one that you can play anywhere without connecting to the internet. But, you can also access the online mode to participate in PvP battles in the game. Turn on your mode of choice and play the game.

Single-Player/Multiplayer Mode

In actuality, you can casually play the game in single-player mode and fight the bot-controlled tanks. However, You can also play the multiplayer version and compete against friends and global players. The multiplayer game mode offers more entertainment and challenges.

Tank Stars Game MOD Menu

Tank Stars is the modified version of the original game and contains all of the premium functions with additional cheat codes to hack the game. Thus, you can earn unlocked and unlimited coins, gems, money shopping VIP feature, and everything for free.

Unlimited Money And Free Coins

The game uses coins as its standard form of currency that you can earn from the fight rewards. With this money, you can purchase tanks, weapons, and upgrades to boost your power. Hence, to enhance the experience, the unrestricted game has Unlimited Money and Gems.

Tank Stars Unlimited Gems

Gems are the premium currency in the game that you can either earn through battles or buy from the game store. On the other hand, the hacked gives you Unlimited Gems free of cost.

All Tanks Unlocked

The game features different tanks that you can unlock using gems and coins, such as the Abrams, Frost, Buratino, Helios, Blazer, Coalition, and Mark 1. In contrast, the modified version has all the Unlocked Tanks in its gameplay for you to use.

Free Shopping

Most games have an in-app store where players can spend actual money, gems, and coins to buy different weapons, booster cards, and unlock tanks. Yet, not everybody can purchase these things. Although, with the help of the mod game, you can use the Free Shopping aspect and shop to your heart’s content.

Tank Stars VIP Unlocked

The special VIP feature lets you access amazing game items and upgrades that are not available to the average player. But, the hack version levels the playing field and gives you all the VIP functions already unlocked and ready to use.

No Ads

It is common knowledge that all free games have in-game advertisements that contribute to the generation of revenue for the development team. However, these ads are extremely annoying and distract the player from the game. Thus, the cheat provides Ad-Free gameplay that has all the ads removed to solve the problem.

How To Play

Tanks Stars is a shooting-action game by Playgendary game developers. With over 100M+ global downloads, it is considered a popular strategy application game. You can select your tank, add fearsome weapons and booster upgrades, and fire attacks at your enemy. You can adjust your firing angle and power with the right button and maneuver the tank with the left for a better position on the battlefield. Further, you can enter different gaming modes and fight the AI tanks and international gamers in the online version.

Tips And Tricks

Make sure that you select the best weapon whenever you fire a weapon against an enemy tank. If you’re unsure whether you can hit an enemy tank from a great distance, you should consider alternative weapons. Useful are those which split into two and affect a large ground area. Fuel is limited, and we recommend keeping close to the enemy tank during each round. Always use full power when attacking.

Directly hitting the tank will deliver a perfect power hit. Such hits are much more damaging than regular hits. The tank that’s had the most upgrades is usually the best. When the sale time comes, buy every card you see. Keep an eye out for advertisements for free stuff. During the battle, get drops to use the strongest weapons you have. Moreover, grow castle unlimited money game tips and guide is also available with the game file on the given link.

Download and Install

Tank Stars Hack is a single-player battle game that utilizes special tanks to participate in battles and fight against the enemy tanks in the ultimate showdown. Using appealing 2D animation, it provides unique gameplay with its simple controls. Additionally, with the mod game, you can get Unlimited Money, Gems, and Coins and also Unlocked Free Shopping and Ad-Free gameplay for free.

tank stars apk download

How To Download And Install Latest Version

The game is compatible across Android, iPhone (iOS), and PC (Windows 7 and onwards) platforms. To install the game on your device, follow the steps given below.

  1. Use the link to download “Tank Stars Hack MOD.”
  2. Allow 3rd party access in Setting.
  3. Open the file to start the process.
  4. Afterward, open the app and start playing.


Tank Stars table hacked is a fun, competitive multiplayer game that provides an exciting adventure. With the game, choose a powerful tank, equip it with formidable upgrades and weapons, and throw bombs, lasers, and missiles at your rivals. Also, play the diverse battle modes and fight both the computer-controlled tanks and international players on the online platform. Besides, you can get unlocked and unlimited money, coin, and gems to enhance the gameplay with the hacked version of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you install Tank Stars?
You can install the modded game using the link given above and follow the steps in the instructions.

Are Tank Stars safe?
Yes, the game is perfectly safe. The game on the website is 100% free of any virus, malware, trojan, and spyware. So, don’t worry and play the game.

How do I change my Tank Star name?
In the Settings portion of your account, you can use the edit tool to change your username. However, the first change is free, and after, you need to pay some gems to change it.

Is the Tank Stars game free?
The Tank Stars game is completely free. Thus, you can download and install the game easily from the Playstore for free.

What's new

We are ready to make your game experience even greater. Bugs are fixed and game performance is optimized. Enjoy.

Our team reads all reviews and always tries to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements.


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