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✈️A visit to Modern Warplanes gives you a close look at supersonic jet fighters used by leaders of the world's air forces. Join millions of ace pilots worldwide in this ultimate air battle.
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Modern Warplanes: PvP Warfare is an action-packed aeronautic MMO game. Featuring supersonic fighter jets fighting in midair against one another in an epic airborne battle of sky fighters. Choose your aircraft, battle online, complete challenges and missions to become the ultimate master of the skies. With stunning visuals and a realistic gaming experience, Download now Modern Warplanes Mod Apk unlimited money and gold and unlock all planes to get amazing premium features for free. Moreover, the game is the most trending multiplayer game of the era.

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You will also be able to fight on all the best military aircraft of the modern generation, as well as on aircraft prototypes from leading air forces. In the modern version, you will experience high-action jet fighters. Engage in team and solo combat from a carrier while meeting a squadron of special operations aircraft. Moreover, You can also play our recommendation game Robbery Bob Mod Apk.

Top Feature

Modern Warplanes is a military-style aeronautic action game. The game boasts multiple features that help the players in an enhanced gaming experience. If you play Gunship Battle helicopter 3D action game, you can’t regret this fighters game. Game modes include multiplayer, solo campaigns with different missions, HQ raids, and survival. Thunderous battles break out! Take your place among the warriors! Here are the most famous features of the game:

top thirteen features of modern warplanes

Aircraft and Jet Fighters

Get ready to start the battle by choosing the right aircraft. Pick the best from the vast variety of aircraft and jet planes. The game uses 3D realistic models of actual military-grade aircraft to create an amazing experience for its users.

Equip and Upgrade your Aircraft

Use missiles, bullets, and rockets to equip your fighter jet to increase its damage power. The more damage power your aircraft has, the more likely are your chances at victory. Upgrade your aircraft accordingly to add new features.

PvP Battles and User-Friendly Controls

Players can battle against each other in online mode. Fight against friends and foes in an airborne battlefield in Player vs.Player matches.

Modern Warplanes: PvP Warfare applies an easy-to-learn and uses gaming controls. The UIX is user-friendly and simple enough that you can get the hang of it in a matter of minutes.

Daily Missions and Challenges

The game gives players many chances to earn rewards. Complete the daily missions and challenges to get game money, gold, silver, and other items. Additionally, The Mod has also mission and challenges similar to the Modern Warplanes game.

Outstanding Graphics

The game includes stunning graphics and an amazing display for an enhanced gaming experience. While playing, you will get a realistic view of the skies.

Online/Offline Gameplay

The game is equipped with two modes. The solo fighting offline mode lets players battle without an internet connection. In contrast, the online mode lets players fight in PvP battles against other players from all over the world.

Modern Warplanes Mod Menu

The version lets you unlock all the game’s premium features without spending any money. Hack the game to access to get unlimited features for free. The modded features of Modern Warplanes are as follows.

Unlimited Money, Gold, and Silver

Players need money, gold, and silver to buy aircraft and other items to increase their level and become stronger. However, you can only get these after completing multiple levels of the game. But with the mod game, you can get Unlimited Money, Gold, and Silver for free.

Unlimited Missiles and Ammo

To complete each level, you have to fight other players’ aircraft and win. To do this, you need to purchase missiles and ammo to have a fully loaded arsenal of weapons to defend yourself. But, if you download the hacked version of the game from our website, you can get Unlimited Missiles and Ammo for free.

Unlocked Aircraft and Weapons

Download Modern Warplanes mod to get special features such as Unlocked Aircraft and Weapons that the player cannot access in the game’s original version. Players need to complete levels and win challenges to get newer aircraft, but everything is already unlocked in the modded version for the players’ benefit.

Unlocked Camouflage

The game features diverse and different skins and textures that the players can use to modify their jets and aircraft. These camouflages are very expensive and cost a lot in the game’s original version. Download the hacked game to get Unlocked Camouflage, including over 20 legendary camouflages.

Infinite Bullets

The modded game gives you Infinite Bullets that the player can use to fight against other players and in challenges and missions. Download the modded version to get this special feature not available in the original version.

Unlimited Everything and Free Shopping

The mod version of the game provides amazing unlocked features that you cannot get elsewhere. Download the game from our website to get Unlimited Everything to hack these wonderful features and begin your aeronautic journey now.

The game invites the players to spend real currency to purchase game items such as money, gold, silver, aircraft, camouflage, missiles, bullets, and other weapons. However, you can access the Free Shopping option using Modern Warplanes. Now you don’t need to pay for anything; download this latest version of the game and enjoy the experience.

The Gameplay

Modern Warplanes: PvP Warfare is an MMO-style military aeronautic game. You must choose your aircraft in the game with great care as this is your starting craft. Then you have to take part in several battles against other players to level up your skills and compete in daily challenges and quests to get new rewards. The gameplay features extensive multiplayer fighting modes, including solo warfare with exciting missions.

Also, You can enjoy HQ raid campaigns, survival missions, and PvP battles against online players worldwide. Keep playing the awesome game to increase your power and become the king of the skies.

Tips and Tricks

Keep your head up, and don’t fly straight. You shouldn’t maneuver without checking on your teammate when you start the match. When you sense someone following you, make a few spins and turns that need you to accelerate. Be careful not to follow anyone closely on a bomb run. It is impossible to survive in the blast radius of a bomb.

Moreover, if you are flying near the ground, keep your plane far from trees, towers, power lines, and others since they can cause your plane to crash. Additionally, there is an airplane icon at the bottom of your screen with a white arrow. Tapping it sends your plane down in a spiral, which is probably quite useful in avoiding missiles when trying to escape.

Download and Install

An epic airborne dogfight warfare game, Modern Warplanes is the most popular MMO game in the market. Get Unlimited Money, Gold, Silver, Bullets, Missiles, and Everything, and unlock the premium features. Hack the game and Unlock Camouflage, Aircraft, and Weapons to become the ultimate sky fighter. Download the latest version of the game from our trusted website without any problem.

How to Install Hacked Latest Version

Follow the instructions below to download the game.

  1. Download “Modern Warplanes mod” from given link.
  2. Click on Install by choosing the Apk file.
  3. Open the Installer and complete the installation process.
  4. Open the file and start to play.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Modern Warplanes an offline game?
Yes, you can play the game offline. You do not need an active Internet or Wi-Fi connection to play the game. However, if you want to compete in PvP type battles against other players, you must go online.

How do you play Modern Warplanes?
You can play Modern Warplanes by downloading the game from our website without any problems and following the tutorial in the game.

How do I change my name in Modern Warplanes?
The mod APK game has cheat features that let the players change their username in the game free of cost.

Which is better, World of Warplanes or War Thunder?
Both these games feature an aerial combat gaming style. However, they differ in their gameplay. War of Thunder has more realistic gameplay as compared to World of Warplanes.


Modern Warplanes is the best game choice for those looking for a military-style action game. It provides a realistic fighting experience, spectacular graphics, and a complementary soundtrack to its users. Choose your perfect aircraft jet, participate in battles, unlock better crafts, get spectacular rewards and enjoy the amazing flying adventure. With the modded version of the game, you can get amazing unlocked features for free.

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