Kick The Buddy MOD APK v2.4.2 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Utilize rockets, grenades, submachine guns, cold steel, and even a nuclear bomb to target your main enemy.
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Arcade games are one of the most liked genres in the gaming world. If you want to do fun to relax, Kick The Buddy for Android is a game of choice for you. The game gives you a chance to do fun activities in serious ways. Download Kick The Buddy Mod Apk Diamond Membership with unlocked all weapons for free. Expend all your energy, destroy, fire, smash, freeze, toss, send the power of the Gods, and don’t think of stopping. There is no end to your arsenal of weapons to counter: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, and even a nuclear bomb!

Zlink pw kick

Buddy is a rag doll under your order and the game is full of fun with excellent graphics similar to Last Day on Earth Mod. You can do anything to it, but it never minds. You can do every attempt to destroy that buddy, but you can never destroy it. Lock it in a room and fully torture it. Imagine the one from which you are in rage. Put him in your buddy’s place and do whatever you want with that person.

What Is Kick The Buddy?

Kick The Buddy is an effortless and funny arcade game. This game is your relief place. No distraction and no restriction, just endless fun. You will show your anger expressions freely. After all, no one had any problem with this game; everyone liked it very much.

Kick the Buddy is more than just a relaxing game; it’s more than a stress reliever. It’s a fun, Eye-Opening action game that is fun to play. Kick Buddy is one of the games to relieve stress by slapping the doll and forgetting about your anger. If you’re bored, you can play it.

  • Are you interested in beating the boss or smacking and kicking the ragdoll?
  • Do you want to smash everything in your way?
  • Do you want to kick more?
  • We all need a break once in a while, even those relatively stress-free.


Completely simple gameplay is presented in this game. No complicated things face you and it’s easy to control just like Zombie Frontier 4 Apk. You have to test your buddy. For this purpose, you can do anything you want, whether you torture it or love it. You can put all your frustration and anger into it. But, all these actions are not difficult. You just tap on the screen and do whatever you want.

kick the buddy gameplay

If you tap repeatedly, it will become unconscious. You can buy powerful weapons to beat it up when your progress increases. Wonderful thing is that the buddy never dies. After every beating, it got up and again, ready for more beating.

Top Features

As the name suggests, this game is about beating and kicking, so its features are. In short, Kick The Buddy Cheat is designed so that you can get relief from the rage and anger that you get all day. Below, we are explaining how you will chill with your buddy. So go on and know more ways of teasing your buddy.

Various Fun Items

Numerous items are available to make fun of and enjoy with your buddy. You can shoot your buddy and hang it on the wall. For those of you who are interested in making fun of others, you can tear your buddy into pieces and rejoin it. Blast it and enjoy the explosion.

Gloss Your Buddy

If your buddy always remains in the same dress, it will be boring for you. So, to overcome this, you can change your dressing, look, and appearance. In addition, you can do a makeover on it. In this way, you can continuously change its appearance and have fun.

top eight features of forge of kick the buddy

Decorate The Room Tf Buddy

In order to enjoy more fun in Duddy Kick The Buddy, you can also choose various decorations for your buddy’s room. Lots of decorations are available in the box. You can choose one from there. You can also decorate your bedroom and go to different places such as a park.

Wheel Spin

Every day, there is a slot machine you have to spin. When you spin it, you can get any of the amazing features without any cost. So, daily, one reward is ready for you freely. You will spin the slot machine and get it.

Kick The Buddy MOD Menu

Don’t stick to some features of this game and enjoy amazing game features similar to Stickman Warriors Mod Apk. We have something more surprising for you. This game mod will remove all the limitations you face during playing. Just go through the mod and most important features of this game and see what we have for your amusement.

Free Shopping

Free shopping includes shopping for items you need for the beating of the buddy. Weapons, arrows, swords, and many more things. You will go to the shop without any money and get all these things.

Everything Unlocked No Ads

Every type of item regarding the beating of a buddy has been unlocked already. You can choose any item and start beating or kicking the buddy. Furthermore, this version contains no ads. You don’t need to watch any ads to get anything.

All Weapons Unlocked

Firearms, cold weapons, and explosives are on the list of weapons. Firearms are the guns, cold weapons are the swords, and explosives are the grenades. All of them are unlocked in Kick The Buddy Without Weapon Loading Problem.

Download and Install

Are you not satisfied with your daily routine and under stress? We are giving you the medicine for this stress. Just try it and tell us whether you get relaxed or not. Download Kick The Buddy Hack for iOS. After doing as directed, you can gain unlimited money and gold for purchasing weapons.

kick the buddy all weapons

How To Download And Install Latest Version

The first step towards Kick, The Buddy Crack, is the installation process of this game. But before that, you must unlock the app installation from Unknown Sources. After that, do the following steps:

  1. Remove the old version of Kick The Buddy.
  2. Download the file from the link button.
  3. Open that file and install Kick kick the buddy All Weapons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get infinite money in Kick The Buddy?
Downloading and installing the mod version of Kick The Buddy is the only way to get infinite money without any problem. So don’t hesitate to get this mod now!

How to get gold in Kick The Buddy?
There are two ways of getting gold in Zlink PW Kick. The first is that you will beat the buddy and earn gold. The second way is to earn gold by purchasing it with money.

How to make kick the buddy?
The Make Buddy tutorial is part of Kick the Buddy. It can be unlocked by paying 15700 bucks, but you can unlock it for free in the modded version.

Final Verdict

Kick The Buddy Hack is the quick solution to your anger. It is a fun and relaxing game as well. Your buddy is pain-free. It does not feel any pain or injury. In a short time, you can feel relaxed after beating the buddy. In this way, you will feel tension-free every time.

What's new

We are ready to make your game experience even greater. Bugs are fixed and game performance is optimized. Enjoy.


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