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Transport passengers from a city to another city terminal through amazing places and landscapes.
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Mobile Bus Simulator 1.0.4 is a stylized driving game developed by LOCOS in 2018. Since its conception, it has quickly become the best simulation game with over 50M+ downloads internationally. With the powerful gameplay, you can create your bus, drive on scenic routes, earn money from the passengers, and undergo an exciting adventure. Additionally, it has a genuine realism such as climate and traffic rule accuracy that appeal to the game. Furthermore, using the Mobile Bus Simulator Mod APK Unlimited Money latest version, you can get amazing premium rewards for free.

Mobile Bus Simulator hack apk

The hacked apk version permits you all Mobile buses, Levels unlocked, and unlimited money with worldwide maps. Furthermore, You can get all vehicles and free shopping features without spending any money. If you are a die-hard fan of space games, you can download and play the Spaceflight Simulator game mod. Create your custom bus with liveries, horns, telolets, bumpers, velgs, and more! Put a STROBE Light on your bus to make it the center of attention!

Top Features

Mobile Bus Simulator is an offline mobile game that recreates a virtual driving experience. In fact, with the application of quality graphics, the gameplay becomes even more addictive. Furthermore, If you play Truck Simulator USA Mod you can’t regret it. You can design a bus, collect passengers’ fares to earn money, and drive through beautiful cities with changing climates. But, be careful not to break the rules as you play.

top thirteen features of mobile bus simulator

Select Your Bus

To start the game, you must choose the bus that you want to use. There is a wide variety of 13 vehicles at your disposal, including double-decker buses and super-high vehicles. The game’s key feature is the workable gearshift, steering wheel, door switch, light indicator, microphone, tilt switch, and horn present on the game console inside the bus. Later, you can customize the vehicle with different colours and cool designs, such as strobe lights and Telolet horn, to create a unique style.

Travel The World

Usually, most other games either use the local terrain or create an artificial city in their gameplay. In contrast, Mobile Bus Simulator utilizes routes and maps based on actual cities and landscapes. Furthermore, there are even multinational locations in the game, such as the US, France, Russia, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and the Netherlands. Thus you can tour different countries on your phone.

Obey Traffic Laws

There is a general disregard for traffic rules and road safety in the driving game genre. However, the game applies strict laws in the gameplay. If you run red lights, ignore stop signs, crash into other cars, or cause a traffic accident, you can get a fine or lose your driving license.

Realistic Weather

The most challenging aspect of driving is the horrible weather conditions. If you encounter strong rains or heavy snowfall, it will greatly affect your driving. Hence, the game replicates these problems to give gamers a natural experience. Therefore, you can select night or day and rain, snow, wind, and sunny weather in the game.

Authentic Driving Experience

The game is an accurate depiction of the lifestyle of an ordinary bus driver. In other words, it is an authentic experience. You must pick up the passengers from the bus stations and drive them to their destination to earn money. In addition, to make the game more fun, there are resting spots and highway tolls along the routes.

Driving Business

The main objective of the game is to build a global driving business. As you progress in the game, you can establish new offices in different locations around the world. Consequently, with each new subsidiary, you can grow your small business into an enormous empire.

Missions And Challenges

There are many missions and challenges throughout the game. Further, all the missions have diverse routes and locations. You must complete each mission and win to reach the next level. So, as you wi0n, you can acquire special rewards and unlock new vehicles.

Simple Controls & 3D Graphics

The game uses 3D graphics and innovative camera views to generate a realistic game simulation. As a result, it produces natural gameplay that is both immersive and addictive. The gameplay features a touch intuitive control system that is very easy to use. Thus, you can learn all the tips and tricks within the span of a single level.

Mobile Bus Simulator MOD Menu

Mobile Bus Simulator is the modified game in which all cheat codes are activated. To illustrate, you can unlock all the items and rewards that are only accessible against the payment of a subscription fee. All mega mod menu features are similar to the Stickman Dismounting Mod menu game. Thus, with the mod app, you can get Unlimited Money, Vehicles, and Shopping free of cost.

Unlock All Vehicles

The game features many styles and designs of trucks, buses, and other vehicles that you can purchase from the in-app store. On the other hand, with the mod game, the vehicles are already unlocked and are free to use.

All Levels Unlocked

The game has multiple levels that the player can unlock after successfully finishing the mission. Thus, you can get to the next level, access new routes, and gain better vehicles with each win. On the contrary, with the help of the modified APK, you can play any level you want because all levels are unlocked.

Unlimited Money

You can use Money to buy new buses, unlock new routes, and upgrade your equipment in the game. However, you only have a set amount of money, and to get more, you must complete the game levels. But, if you download the hack version, you can obtain Unlimited Money and increase your purchasing power.

mobile bus simulator money hack

Unlimited Free Shopping

The game provides a built-in store where users can add upgrades to their vehicle or equipment, buy newer buses, and purchase other premium items. But, you can only avail this opportunity if you spend actual currency. Therefore, if you want to use this feature, you should get the hacked APK game to access Free Shopping.


The Mobile Bus Simulator is a famous sim game that reimagines the average life of a busman and is similar to Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod. First, you must create your bus within the game and start your journey on the road. Then, board the passengers on the bus and drive them to the next bus stop. Collect the fare and complete daily missions to clear the game levels. Accordingly, keep finishing the levels to unlock new routes, levels, and vehicles and ultimately conquer the driving world.

Offline Gameplay

The game offers offline gameplay mode, and you can play without accessing the world wide web easily. However, if you want to participate in the leaderboard to get limited rewards, you must have an internet connection.

Gameplay with No Ads

Although the game is free, multiple ads annoy the player and create distractions during the game. So, to resolve the issue, the mod game provides ad-free gameplay. Now, you can play without any problem.

Old Version

The current game, v1.0.3, was updated in 2020. However, if you are interested in playing the older versions but can’t find them elsewhere, look no further. Click the link to download your favourite game from the ones below.

  • Mobile Bus Simulator v1.0.2
  • Mobile Bus Simulator v1.0.1

Download and Install

The simulation game is a single-player driving virtual reality. With the stunning graphics, it creates a thrilling experience for the users. Moreover, with the Mobile Bus Simulator, you can get Unlimited Money, Vehicles, Levels, Shopping, and Ad-Free gameplay for free. Download the fantastic game from our trusted website and enjoy the fun.

mobile bus simulator download

How To Download And Install Latest Version

The game is suitable for PC, Android, and iOS devices. To download, you can use the link given below and follow the steps.

  1. Download the game apk file “Mobile Bus Simulator MOD.”
  2. Give third-party access in Settings.
  3. Open the APK file to start the installation process.
  4. Wait for the process to complete and enjoy the game.


Mobile Bus Simulator is a vehicle driving, casual game. Truly, it is an amazing game that can satisfy your desire for a real-life simulation. If you have played Bus Simulator: Ultimate Mod Apk game so you can play it easily. You can set up your business and drive the interactive bus while exploring the city. With access to the hacked game, you can enjoy the added premium functions for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to hack Mobile Bus Simulator?
You can download the modded game from our website to hack the game and access exciting rewards for free.

What is the newest version of the Mobile Bus Simulator?
The newest version is v1.0.4 which was released in November 2024.

Can I play Mobile Bus Simulator offline?
Yes. It is a casual offline game that does not require any internet or Wi-Fi connection. But for online gameplay, you need to connect internet connection.

How to get Unlimited Money in Mobile Bus Simulator?
The hacked mod APK contains all the unlocked features of the original one. You can get Unlimited Money and Everything with the mod version.

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